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Re: Topband: XR0ZRC?

Subject: Re: Topband: XR0ZRC?
From: Larry via Topband <>
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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 23:26:16 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi all,
I started calling them around 0315z when they were peaking S9. That's very loud 
considering the beverage has no noise. Using all of my learned skills I just 
could not work them. I was using the second receiver, listening dual and trying 
to find a frequency that seemed clear. The operator was working European 
stations that I could not hear and then I heard him return to WA7NS who is loud 
here. He came back to him twice and WA7NS responded both times but no joy. He 
then came back to a PA2 station. Some minutes later he came back to WA7NS once 
again and completed the QSO. I followed suite, called on the WA7 freq and 
slowed down to 15 WPM. Immediate return.
Normally I would send at the same speed the DX is using but in this case the 
slower speed worked better. Surprising to me is that "tail-ending" worked also. 
Hint to the wise. 
I do not believe that they are hearing very well, working one station (last 
night) about every two to three minutes.
Good luck.LarryN7DD

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From: Wes <>
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Sent: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 22:31
Subject: Re: Topband: XR0ZRC?

I was copying them last night on 160 about Q4 through the static crashes, but 
judging by the size of the pileup on the panadaper screen and their widely 
receiving problems I didn't bother to call with my peanut whistle. Of course 
conventional wisdom says that I should not hear them without a RX antenna.

Their operators seem to be a mixed bag.  On 40 meters about two weeks ago, they 
were actually changing frequency every so often.  I would think, where did they 
go and then see on the scope they moved down a few dozen Hz. Unfortunately, 
did this in the middle of what I thought was our QSO.

Wes  N7WS

On 3/26/2019 12:37 PM, W7RH wrote:
> IMHO. Not just one but several Dxpeditions recently have had what seems like 
> vacation style operating while promoted as full time full efforts. Some from 
> hotels and resorts and some from less comfortable environments but subject to 
> big city noise. With the decrease in solar activity you would think a little 
> more low band effort would be in order.  I don't think FT8 is the answer for 
> them either. If they can't hear on CW their noise floor will be an issue in 
> FT8 mode too. I'm sure someone will argue that point but if you can't work at 
> least --18 then forget it.
> The XR0ZRC ops had a decent signal to the SW the last two evenings which was 
> really their first major show on CW. I was able to copy them for more than 2 
> hours each night until giving up.
> My thought is if you are going to run a KW and carry one along, then it would 
> only make sense they carry some wire, coax and transformers in a bag as well. 
> Shoot, even a K9AY could be carried in 3ft travel bag. While we can't make up 
> for TS QRN man made noise is another and sometimes challenging issue. IMHO
> RX first....TX second....
> 73 bob, W7RH

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