[AMPS] Henry 3K

Rich Measures measures@vc.net
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 15:02:02 -0800

>I am having a prob. with my 3K.  I cannot get it to load past 600ma.
>in the pa volt position the voltage is 2500 in cw/tune.  in ssb the reading
>is 3500v.  The resting current is cw is 90ma and in ssb it is only 120ma.
>I originally thought the tubes were soft and installed new ones but nothing
>has changed from the old tubes.
>According to the manual the resting current in cw should be between 100 and
>120ma and in ssb between 170 and 220ma so it would appear at first glance
>that the problem is attached to there. 
Measure the potential between the grid and the filament CT (cathode).  
This is your bias V.  It is probably a bit too high.  Getting ur bias 
from a string of diodes on a perfboard would allow setting the ZSAC to 
the needed 170mA or so.  
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