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Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such

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Subject: Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such
From: Colin Lamb <>
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Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 12:21:57 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
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Tom said:

"4.) The quickest way to bankruptcy is to build a product 
with stuff inside that does no good, and that almost no one 
wants to pay for."

I would like to modify that statement a bit.  Actually, some of the new 
Japanese rigs have all sorts of features that almost no one uses.  However, the 
distinction is that it costs very little to add those features.  Those features 
are probably added at the request of the marketing department.  Thus someone 
may buy a rig with the most features so long as it does not cost more than a 
similar quality rig without those features - even though he may never use them. 

There are other quick ways to bankruptcy so I am not sure that No. 4 is the 
quickest way.  Businesses have found all sorts of way to reach bankruptcy and I 
would not want to even guess on the quickest way.  I have a friend who was an 
excellent engineer.  He bought into an audio amplifier company then redesigned 
the amp to be the highest quality.  It was one of the top rated amps and used 
top quality components.  Unfortunately, he had no concept of a business plan.  
The company ate all of his money then went bankrupt - all the time making a 
quality product and outstanding customer service.  But, that bankruptcy was not 
quick enough.  

Colin  K7FM

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