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What REALLY makes you good?

Subject: What REALLY makes you good?
From: w7ni@teleport.com (Stan Griffiths) (Stan Griffiths)
>This message is aimed at the REALLY major-league contesters
>out there. (Most of you have been far too quiet here on the
>reflector lately! )
>What single thing do you do best, and why is it important to
>your success?
>If I were in your class, what would I appreciate about your
>ability or technique?  Or in other words, what would another
>highly accomplished contester know about your skills that I
>miss because I'm just an awed "apprentice"?
>(If you're too modest to talk about yourself, apply the question
>to the your personal contesting "hero", the guy you vow to beat
>this year.)
>73, de Hans, K0HB

I have known Tree, N6TR, quite well for the past 10 years or so.  You won't
find him telling you this, but the guy is extremely intelligent.  What's
more, he has the ability to harness this intelligence in a wide variety of
ways.  You know he's good at programming . . . he wrote the famous "TR"
contest software.  You know he's good at operating.  His contest record
stands for itself.  What you may NOT know is that he is also a very good
hardware engineer and a manager at his job at Cascade Microtech.  Cascade
Microtech is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art IC probing equipment.  They
face the toughest mechanical, electrical, microwave, environmental,
software, and noise problems every day and Tree is a valuable member of that
team contributing to solutions to all of those problems.  They are very
lucky to have him.

Someone recently asked him to describe his winning station.  Tree has a good
station all right (it should be, he built it), but I would not call it a
GREAT station (it doesn't have to be GREAT with Tree operating it).  It
isn't Tree's station that wins . . . it's Tree that wins.  He has won from
my station when I KNOW I could not have done it.  He has never beat me head
to head in a contest but that is only because I have never gone head to head
with him from here in Oregon.  I KNOW who would win and I readily concede
that fact.

So how do you beat Tree?  First, you have to have come from the right gene
pool and have an IQ of 150 or better.  This is not to say that Tree's IQ is
that low, I mean if yours isn't that high, forget it.  Maybe we should level
the playing field on THAT basis . . .

This is my honest perception of my very good friend, Larry Tyree, N6TR.

Stan  W7NI@teleport.com

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