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What REALLY makes you good?

Subject: What REALLY makes you good?
From: n2ic@drmail.dr.att.com (LondonSM) (LondonSM)
On Feb 22,  3:36pm, Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW wrote:

>  Secret: Analyze past
> results/efforts.

Agreed......But every contest, every year is different.  You have got to "roll
with the punches".  Once the new sunspot cycle starts warming up, this is going
to be critical.  Let me give you an example from the 1988 time frame....

During the bottom of the last sunspot cycle, some of my friends had come to
accept 20 meters as "the daytime band" - just like it was last weekend.  CQWW
1988 came along.  20 meters opened well before sunrise to Europe and over the
pole.  My friends were seduced by the lure of working UN7's, VU, HZ, UA9, lots
of EU from 1300Z-1600Z at 50 QSO's per hour.  Compared to condx the previous
year, 20 meters was fantastic.  However, they made a rookie mistake - they
didn't go to 10 and 15 meters until after 1600Z.  They used their 1987 results
to plan their 1988 strategy.

What amazed me was that these same friends repeated their mistakes in 1993.
 They still operated like it was 1990 - missing the 15 and 20 meter EU openings
by working African and Carribbean stations on 10 meters !

Steve, N2IC/0

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