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What REALLY makes you good?

Subject: What REALLY makes you good?
From: Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW" <gswanson@arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn, KB1GW)
     Agreed Steve, you'd want to do this over an entire 11-year cycle--to 
build your personal "database" for all (well, most) conditions. I'll assume 
that is what top guns do--good point!   73, Glenn, KB1GW
>From: LondonSM
>To: Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW; 'CQ-Contest (posting)'
>Subject: Re: What REALLY makes you good?
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>On Feb 22,  3:36pm, Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW wrote:
>>  Secret: Analyze past
>> results/efforts.
>Agreed......But every contest, every year is different.  You have got to 
>with the punches".  Once the new sunspot cycle starts warming up, this is
>to be critical.  Let me give you an example from the 1988 time frame....
>During the bottom of the last sunspot cycle, some of my friends had come to
>accept 20 meters as "the daytime band" - just like it was last weekend. 
>1988 came along.  20 meters opened well before sunrise to Europe and over 
>pole.  My friends were seduced by the lure of working UN7's, VU, HZ, UA9, 
>of EU from 1300Z-1600Z at 50 QSO's per hour.  Compared to condx the 
>year, 20 meters was fantastic.  However, they made a rookie mistake - they
>didn't go to 10 and 15 meters until after 1600Z.  They used their 1987 
>to plan their 1988 strategy.
>What amazed me was that these same friends repeated their mistakes in 1993.
> They still operated like it was 1990 - missing the 15 and 20 meter EU
>by working African and Carribbean stations on 10 meters !
>Steve, N2IC/0

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