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LU's novices new frequencies

Subject: LU's novices new frequencies
From: lu7dw@abaconet.com.ar (lu7dw@abaconet.com.ar)
Date: Wed Oct 23 15:00:28 1996
        There are new frequencies allocation for LU's novices only for
contests in SSB:

80 meters: 3.7 to 3.75 MHz
10 meters: 28.3 to 28.35 MHz

        If you want work novices LU please call in this frequencies.

        I'll work the CQ WW SSB as SO SB in 15 o 10 meters, depending of
propagation, I'll choose the best band for this part of the world, my
callsing will be AY7D.

GL in the contest

Claudio LU7DW

>From jend@midway.uchicago.edu (Gerard Jendraszkiewicz)  Wed Oct 23 18:58:50 
From: jend@midway.uchicago.edu (Gerard Jendraszkiewicz) (Gerard Jendraszkiewicz)
Subject: Contest Voice Blaster
Message-ID: <326E5CDA.3063@midway.uchicago.edu>

I was wondering is there a new version of this program, the one I have
is from 1994. With the comming contest this weekend it would help to
save the voice !

Thanks, Jerry, KE9I


>From ke5fi@wt.net (KE5FI)  Wed Oct 23 20:31:48 1996
From: ke5fi@wt.net (KE5FI) (KE5FI)
Subject: Contest Tips
References: <01BBBFA2.F1EBF300@k5zd.ultranet.com>
Message-ID: <326E72A4.48A9@wt.net>

Randy Thompson wrote:
> Looking for inspiration or ideas for the upcoming CQ WW Phone contest?

What would inspire me for single band 10 meters?  Maybe a good book & a 
brick for the CQ button?

Chuck, KE5FI

>From tomf@neca.com (Tom Francis)  Wed Oct 23 19:16:01 1996
From: tomf@neca.com (Tom Francis) (Tom Francis)
Subject: declination - apology...
Message-ID: <199610231816.OAA08561@orion.neca.com>

Hi all:

My apology for the declination post - it appears
that my knowledge and expertise in this area re-
quires mucho updating and revamping - my apoligies
to one and all...

Good luck to all this weekend - looking forward
to operating KZ1M M/S - should be fun..


Tom, NM1Q (tomf@neca.com)

>From kb2ny@pop.fast.net (Jack Trampler)  Wed Oct 23 20:22:03 1996
From: kb2ny@pop.fast.net (Jack Trampler) (Jack Trampler)
Subject: CT v9.26 and FT-1000MP
Message-ID: <326E705B.14F7@pop.fast.net>

I am trying to interface my FT-1000MP with CT ver. 9.26 and am running
into difficulties.  I keep getting alternating messages saying "YAESU
Read Radio Timeout" and "YAESU Radio Timeout".  I have the COM port set
to N82 and 4800 BPS and no signalling.  I have tried it on both COM2 and
COM3, and have also tried the XON, RTS, DSR signalling options.  I get
no responses either way, however the CAT light on the MP flashes every
now and then.

I also tried the above, but with the FT-1000D selection.  I get the same
messages, however, I am able to change bands on the rig using the Alt+F1
or Alt+F2 keystrokes.  Nothing else seems to function.

Has anyone successfully connected the 'MP to CT or does anyone have any
ideas?  Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance to everyone who

Good Luck in the Contest(s)!!!
73, Jack
packet: KB2NY@W3BI.#EPA.PA.USA.NA  e-mail: kb2ny@fast.net

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