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From: VR2BrettGraham <vr2bg@harts.org.hk>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 01:45:45 +0000
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K1HI replied to KD4D:

Nope, I got the missing dit problem in spades when I run VOX keying on my
FT-1000MP.  When I hit the key, the transceiver switches to transmit and
puts the first (in my case) dah's worth of RF onto the coax going to  the
amplifier. It simultaneously closes the relay that tells the amp
(indirectly) that it's time to do it's thing. The amp, however, is a bit
lazyer than it used to be: it's delay in becoming fully involved in the
transaction causes the volume of the first dah to be, like, zero.  So many
think I'm N1HI.

Now, if the computer told the transceiver that "it's going to be time to
transmit pretty damn quick, but not instantly," and the transceiver passes
the info on to the amp, then all of us old farts can get our acts together
and not fumble the ball.  The computer does this by "asserting" the PTT line
to the xcvr to switch it, instead of using the VOX to do that.

Now, why haven't I hooked mine up that way?  I still have dreams that I'm
young and my rig is young, and my amp is young, and all is well. Delusions,
you might say.


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Hi Scott:

What do you mean by "PTT Control of CW?"  How does it differ from
"Non-break-in CW?"  I think we are all talking about two or three
different things. :-)


BTW:  I think the "lost leading dit" problem that Brett is
referring to is the problem of losing the first character
of the callsign of stations calling YOU after a CQ.  If
the QSK delay is adjusted to be long enough so the amplifier
doesn't drop out between letters, it also doesn't drop out
after a CQ is completed.  He is not talking about the
"leading dit" from the transmitter.  That is a different
issue entirely.

Actually, both - some might not transmit much of that first character because of the classic slow-switching amp, which others may miss & even more as they remain in transmit mode due to having cranked up the hang time for want of PTT so as to drop into receive as soon as possible when the time comes to drop into receive.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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