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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Public Logs
From: Steve Harrison <k0xp@dandy.net>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 04:50:46 +0000
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At 09:26 PM 12/13/2007 -0500, Richard DiDonna NN3W wrote:
>Excuse me?  Why should contest sponsors have to answer to the whims of one 
>award program?  The ARRL's DXCC program is not the final word when it comes 
>down to record keeping, log posting, QSL sending, and awards management. 
>Nobody elected the League god and nobody should have to subvert the inegrity 
>of their contest programs just because the League has a stick up its rear 
>end about log times.

It's not merely contests; some DXpeditions also upload logs (although I
don't know of any that have uploaded ALL the QSO data). The ongoing XF4
expedition claims they'll upload their logs to their web site once they
return, potentially jeopardizing their whole effort and thousands of
new-country QSOs. If the league disallows Qs with them just because they
showed their complete log on their website, how much enthusiasm do you
think those guys are going to have to plan another such month-long
endeavor, spend tens of thousands of dollars, risk life and limb and

I can see the league's point; by looking at a DXpedition's log, you can
find your QSO and make certain you show the right schtuff on your request
for QSL from them (else, they may not find you listed and say NIL).

Hopefully, someone can get the word to those guys NOT to upload their whole
log when they get back.

Steve, K0XP
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