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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Nicopress swags
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 12:54:36 -0600
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Tnx Bob.  I've been doing some research.  Not sure still 
what or if there is a difference between the nicopress 
sleeves and other brands.  I bought my cable and sleeves 
from  Their tools they sell I think are 
made by Loos.  A company in FL.  They say their sleeves 
and tools will hold to the cable break strength.

Nicopress has a multi groove tool for 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 
(3V F6:XM) for about $429!!!!!  Ouch.

But the other manufacturers don't have one that covers 
both 1/4 and 3/16.  So would have to get the single 1/4 at 
$214 and a multi that I think was about $150.

BTW....The Tech at NicoPress I spoke with, also a ham, 
says hand swagging is just as effective as hydraulic 
provided you do the requisite number of presses for each 
sleeve.  Same for the other manufacturers.  There is a 
difference in the number of crimps required between 
nicopress and Loos.  For 1/4 sleeves, Nicopress calls for 
3 presses, Loos calls for 4.

After speaking with the techs I don't have a problem using 
the hand swagers over the hydraulic...but dang they're 
still so expensive!


On Fri, 8 Dec 2006 12:59:11 -0500
  "Bob Maser" <> wrote:
> I have re-cabled 3 LM470's using a "hand" swagger made 
>by H K Porter.  It is 3 feet long and it does a great 
>swaging job.  It is, however, for 3/16" galvanized cable, 
>not 1/4", which would make a huge difference.
> I agree that, unless somebody is selling a hand swagger 
>for the 1/4" size, that a hydraulic swagger would be the 
>way to go, certainly not a hammer!  I can't believe that 
>any professional would suggest that. especially 
>considering what's at stake!
> Bob W6TR
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>> Greg, my experience would say you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want 
>>to use a hand 
>> tool
>> to make the crimp in a critical application like this. I 
>>had a guy at one 
>> of
>> the "big box" stores make one like that for me (for 
>>free, using their 
>> tool).
>> Used it on a cable for my Titanex vertical crankover 
>>vertical (not even a
>> tower). I watched the cable carefully as I made the 
>>initial crank up. It
>> slipped out of the fitting almost immediately upon 
>>loading. I even had
>> another "big box" guy tell me that most people just 
>>"take a hammer to 
>> them"
>> to make the fittings work! Yikes.
>> Your body parts, antennas, towers and peace of mind are 
>>worth the few 
>> bucks
>> this will cost to have it done correctly.
>> Larry Wi5A
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>> Subject: [TowerTalk] Nicopress swags
>> Finally about ready to recable my tower.  Just received 
>>the 7x19 galv
>> aircraft cable, the swag sleevs and thimbles.
>> My question is ....are the boltcutter type swagging 
>>tools just as good as
>> the hydraulic or electric presses?  I know the tool for 
>>the 1/4 sleeves is
>> pretty much only for that size and there is another tool 
>>for the smaller
>> sizes.  I expected to be able to find a local marine 
>>outfit to be able to
>> crimp the sleeves for me.....but he charges $12-$15 for 
>> sleeve....using
>> a hydraulic swagger.  Im  tempted to get the 1/4 hand 
>>tool myself and use
>> the one at ACE for the smaller crimps.  Are the crimps 
>>with the hand tool
>> just as strong as the hydraulic?
>> I would think if the nicopress specs have a part number 
>>for the hand tool
>> for the 1/4 in sleeves that it should be fine.  Im using 
>>the zinc plated
>> cooper sleeves....two for each end.
>> Tnx
>> Greg
>> AB7R
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