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Re: [TowerTalk] Harbor Freight WInch

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Harbor Freight WInch
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 00:52:33 -0400
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It seems like two different questions are being answered. Is the wench for 
extending the tower to it's total height, or to raise a tower from horizontal 
to vertical? I use a cheap 8000lb Jeep Wench to lay my tower over, but would 
never attemt to extend a tower with one.

Marty ab5gu

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If I piss (technical term) someone off I apologize in advance!
I my humble opinion H.F. makes disposable tools....   Use them a few times 
nd throw them away....
Great prices on many things beating the heck out of anyone's prices... There 
s a reason for that.
They are great for the very casual user but to risk your $3000.00 to 
5000.00 investment (or more) for your tower,
otor and antenna's on a cheap winch is ludicrous.
Remember "You get what you pay for"
Me.. I prefer to pay the price for the investment that I have!
73 Larry WA9VRH

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 DO NOT!!!!  buy the Harbor Freight version of that winch!  Total garbage, 
 won't last a week.  The worm gear will wear the teeth right off the lousy 
 unhardened ring gear.  Just ask AB7E if you want a second opinion.  :-)


 On Jul 12, 2010, at 16:15 , Gil Woodside wrote:

 Thats the winch I put on my tower. Very smooth and easy to crank. Well 
 the $70.


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> You might consider a worm gear winch. It won't spin out of control if 
> your
> hand sides off the handle.  It's also very simple to hook up a 1/2 or 3/4
> hp
> motor.
> Jim, KR9U


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