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1. [TenTec] Why Orion? (was ORION Returns) (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Sat Aug 2 20:43:15 2003
To those concerned about whether or not to leap forth to buy an Orion: The following essay was written by KH7T, John Buck out here in Hawaii to a friend who asked for his evaluation of the Orion and
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2. [TenTec] Orion Serial Port Issues (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri Aug 8 19:06:10 2003
Hi, It is well known that there are some problems still with the serial port code of the Orion. The fact that some things are slow being most bothersome. I suspect the problems with loading CW phrase
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00134.html (6,563 bytes)

3. [TenTec] Re: Continuing Orion evaluation (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon Aug 11 17:36:10 2003
John, KH7T, wrote, in part: Hmmm, what is the chance that the Dragonball processor will itself have to be replaced; if it is "saturated", unable to perform all that it is designed/hoped for? If "dits
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00195.html (8,759 bytes)

4. [TenTec] Re: Continuing Orion evaluation/Dragonball (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon Aug 11 19:53:12 2003
No and nope, to answer my own questions. The Dragonball and DSP processors are all three on the A7 PCB assembly 81917 within the ORION. And, of course, that is the most difficult board to deal with
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00197.html (9,456 bytes)

5. [TenTec] GPS and Ten Tec Rigs (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu Aug 14 20:47:23 2003
Someone asked the other day if the Omni VI could be "sync'd" to GPS using the surplus hp rcvr on the market. No it cannot, nor can the Orion, unfortunately. Only the Ten Tec RX-340 rcvr is set up to
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00325.html (8,612 bytes)

6. [TenTec] GPS and OMNI VI (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue Aug 19 16:47:24 2003
Curt, NU7R, wrote, in part: Hmmm, wonder if there is such an "injection" pin point somewhere in the Orion?? Presume Curt routs a small coax into the "interstices" of the Omni. 73, Jim KH7M
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00419.html (6,615 bytes)

7. [TenTec] Re: Version 1.356 available now (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Wed Aug 20 14:57:34 2003
Ok, I downloaded and installed same. Now have lost the use of my CW st. key as my PTT switch. That was a deliberate change of the update cycle....why?? I would like it back! Now, how to do SSB with n
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00430.html (7,542 bytes)

8. [TenTec] Orion PTT/CW Line(s) (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu Aug 21 14:27:41 2003
Thanks to John D and Carl M for constructive comments about this issue. I have also rcvd an e mail from Gary B at ditsnbits this morning, a portion of same: "In an effort to meet everyone's needs we
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00458.html (7,651 bytes)

9. [TenTec] Re: Orion PTT/CW Line(s) (score: 1)
Author: "Jim Reid" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 11:11:21 -1000
Gary has done it!! Firmware version 1.357 is at the ditsnbits site (rfsquared) via the Ten Tec web page. This adds a menu item at the CW button to select either the "old Omni" way, or the "new" way p
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-08/msg00461.html (7,720 bytes)

10. [TenTec] Orion Withdrawal (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue Jul 1 18:27:44 2003
Hi, My Orion is now in Memphis, per the Fed Ex tracking service. But, they won't deliver it to the plant until Thursday, since I only paid for Economy shipping, hi. That means three days from Kauai,
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00027.html (7,321 bytes)

11. [TenTec] Orion Withdrawal (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue Jul 1 19:54:08 2003
Oh my, I had no idea it was that far, hi. Well it is about 4550 miles from my QTH to Sevierville; guess another 500 miles isn't next door. Oh well, they won't be doing anything to the rig until next
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00038.html (7,283 bytes)

12. [TenTec] Orion Withdrawal (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue Jul 1 21:22:46 2003
Wow, the Orion left Memphis at 3:30 pm EDT today. Do you suppose it might get to TT tomorrow? I better call Paul, I forgot to include in my letter with the rig that I had made an internal mod to the
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00044.html (7,315 bytes)

13. [TenTec] Product Reviews, Orion (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri Jul 4 21:33:36 2003
George, W5YR, wrote, in part: I am really looking forward to comments about the Orion by Tom Rauch, W8JI. He has already had an Orion, not sure if in his lab/shop or elsewhere at someone else's QTH.
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00154.html (10,073 bytes)

14. [TenTec] Corsair ON/OFF (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Wed Jul 9 22:47:32 2003
Ok, what is THE method for powering up a Corsair II? Do I turn ON the PS 961 with the Corsair power switch already ON? The 961 will NOT power up without the Corsair being ON. So that is what I have b
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00284.html (7,844 bytes)

15. [TenTec] Corsair ON/OFF (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu Jul 10 15:42:00 2003
We have contrasting opinions on the topic; and I thank each of the many of you who have offered one both private and on the reflector. And factually, from Duane, N9DG: And from Jim, N4AL comes this:
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00307.html (9,474 bytes)

16. [TenTec] Corsair ON/OFF (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu Jul 10 18:52:45 2003
George commented: Not really; a Ten Tec power supply connected to the Corsair/Triton/ maybe other older TT radios, will NOT turn ON stand alone by itself! It could be using a simple mod; that is jump
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00313.html (9,638 bytes)

17. [TenTec] It is Back! (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri Jul 11 17:27:45 2003
Hi, Fed Ex drove up to my home a couple hours ago. It was the big, white box again, hooray. Pretty quick service; they rcvd it on 7/2, had the 4th of July holiday, and now the Orion is back on Kauai
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00351.html (9,304 bytes)

18. [TenTec] Orion (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon Jul 21 20:05:17 2003
Well, in my case, I am still busy learning how to best use this new machine! Of course, have it teamed with both an RX-340 and Carl M's (N4PY) software. So along with his "Smart VFO" feature, there
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00585.html (8,579 bytes)

19. [TenTec] Orion (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue Jul 22 20:35:21 2003
The most recent eham review is dated 21 July, by KD6WD. I happen to agree with every thing he writes! In particular, that new things about the rig are learned each time I use it; have had mine since
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-07/msg00601.html (9,288 bytes)

20. [TenTec] "System Loading......" (score: 1)
Author: (Jim Reid)
Date: Tue Jun 3 19:12:00 2003
Hi, "System loading......" That is what I see on the "screen" when I flip the power switch to ON, at the Orion. Is this a radio, or a computer? Takes about 11 or 12 seconds for the "radio" to begin o
/archives//html/TenTec/2003-06/msg00125.html (8,030 bytes)

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