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[Amps] Relais for an antenna crossover switch

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Subject: [Amps] Relais for an antenna crossover switch
From: "Guido" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 12:30:08 +0200
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Hello all,
    sorry for the offtopic (but these relais can be used also for a
I want to build an antenna crossover switch for two radios and six
antennas and I have some 30A DPDT relais (the type is Finder 66.82 and you
can see the specification at
Assuming that the logic will avoid that the rigs will be connected to the
same antenna (sgrunt... ;-) ) and will avoid the "hot switching", do you
think that I can use these relays with 1500W and a maximum SWR of 3:1
The relay specification says that the minimum switching load must be
1W/10V/10mA, do you think that,after some period of storage without use, it
would be enough some RF (100W) for few seconds to clean the contacts and
remove the oxide?
Initially, I designed this series configuration
(, but I thought that it would be not
safe to depend on too much relais...
Then, I went back to the classic parallel configuration with some grounding
to improve the isolation between ports
At last, after some doubts about having 10A of RF (1500W with 16OHM) on
single contact, I designed this more simple version
What do you think about the dielectric (relay plastic case) between contacts
with 470V of RF (1500W with 150OHM)?
I know that the layout is very important for the isolation between radios,
what layout do you think should be the best layout with these relais?
I think that any HAM transceiver can tolerate without damage, at least,
25-30dBm not on the same band, do you agree?
How much in band signal can be tolerated without damage, do you think that
15-20dBm is too much?
Thanks and 73
Guido, ik2bcp

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