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And that is NOT the RG-6 which we use now. It has a solid polyethelyne dielectric for starters and stranded copper plus a copper tape shield.

Im stilll loking for power handling and voltage for the CATV Home Depot by the reel stuff or via Tessco and other quality distributors/manufacturers.

Absence any real data I pretty much use a scientific seat of the pants guesstimate of 1500W PEP 160 to 20M for VSWR of <2:1 where Ive started using it for the various AM and vintage SSB stations feeding various wire and groundplane antennas. No fires or smoke yet at 1200-1300W. I havent pushed it above that until the 15/12/10M groundplane is up on a chimney mount about 22' at the base.

These will all be 50-80' runs and not cabled into the main station switching networks and equipment.


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Wow, Thanks to Ed, KB5GT for this power and loss calculator for any type of coax.

Amazing, RG6 can take 2 KW on 160 meters!

Thanks for all you guys that responded.

Keith ve3ts

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