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[CQ-Contest] computers ruined contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] computers ruined contesting
From: ve3iay@rac.ca (Richard Ferch)
Date: Fri Jul 11 20:29:36 2003
There should be no place in this discussion for cheap shots at someone
else's political system. Until one has participated in a society and come to
learn how it and its symbols really work, they should refrain from
stereotyping and pontificating about it. Frankly, the queen has a lot
less influence on decision-making in Canada than dead presidents do
in the U.S.

The issue here has absolutely nothing to do with nationality. It is: who
owns a contest: the organizer or the participants? The organizer comes
up with the idea, publicizes it, and foots the bills. The contesters make
or break the event by their decisions on whether to participate. The
question is, do the consumers have the right to take over ownership,
or do the producers have the right to make the decisions?

In the real world, the sponsors do have the last word. That isn't likely
to change.


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