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[CQ-Contest] computers ruined contesting

Subject: [CQ-Contest] computers ruined contesting
From: k4sb@earthlink.net (K4SB)
Date: Sun Jul 6 18:06:35 2003
"Mike Gilmer, N2MG" wrote:
> I don't believe it should be up to the log checking to know whether someone
> sent DU1/ or /DU1.  What if changes from QSO to QSO?

Have to disagree with Mike on this. DU1/ and /DU1 are not identical
calls and would not show as a dupe. And who would be crazy enough to
change his call during a contest?  
> I know if I hear WA1ABC/DU1 and five minutes later I hear DU1/WA1ABC that
> it's the same guy.  No reason to penalize someone who might log it one way
> vs. the other (sometimes it's a matter of getting the logging program to ID
> the country properly).

Yes there is. You're supposed to log it as you copy it. BUT, Mike
knows this because his brain is capable of reasoning, and while
computers do exist on an elementary level which can "reason", I dare
say no ham in the world owns one. ( except if you're operating / from
the CIA building )

One point which has been overlooked is "standard convention". If
you're in the US, and in a different call area, and MUST sign with a
/, it's callsign/X. If you're from
KH6, KL7, KP4, ect., you have to add an extra letter, such as /W9.
Remember, the operative word is "must".

Countries outside the USA actually have regulations as to how their
ops must sign. In almost all cases, it's "where you are/who you are". 

And this was a big surprise to me, but I was informed by someone at
the "highest levels" that the checkers write their own software.

The solutions for this ambiguity are simple, and I'm surprised they're
not in place.


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