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 The point of my story is DXCC, from 100 to the honor roll, is a
religion to many folks, held in much higher esteem than the Holy Grail.
That is the reason for so much emphasis on getting it right. 
Unfortunately, like every other aspect of our hobby, DXCC has been
'dumbed-down' and has zero credibility today(IMHO). The recent
acceptance of P5 is a great example. Also there is 'NO' licensing
authority in YI, the military does not have amateur radio licensing
authority, and if the recent YO stories are true where is the
credibility in a DXCC award.

MAL                N7MAL

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N7MAL is not quite on target with his comment about YI licensing. He is
correct when he says the military has no licensing authority. He is
absolutely incorrect when he implies that YI reciprocal licenses are

When the Iraqi government was first stood up after the defeat of Saddam,
the Coalition Provisional Authority had the sole supervision of the
Amateur Service in Iraq. About eight months ago the Iraqi National
Communications and Media Center (NCMC)took official control. American
hams are still assisted in the licensing process by another ham at the
U.S. Embassy in the International Zone (Baghdad). 

Additionally, the Iraqi Amateur Radio Association, headed by Diya,
YI1DZ, is an excellent source of further information should anyone
require it. His email address is available at QRZ.com. He is our primary
elmer in the inner-workings of the NCMC and helps to clarify any
operating issues here in country.

Several of the hams here have been in communication with the DXCC Desk
at ARRL HQ. You have to provide a copy of military orders/commander's
letter and a copy of your Iraqi reciprocal authorization. Only then will
a YI operation be accredited. 


SGT Korey Chandler
Tech Control Facility
Al Asad, Iraq

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