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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Contest Support
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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 17:53:17 -0400
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  I have a theory of what the problem is with CQWW...

  Go to http://www.cqww.com/members.html to see who is on the CQWW contest 
Many of the members are familiar contest calls of active contesters. I bet they 
have stations to maintain in addition to the duties they have with CQ. How do 
to they find the time to do both, operate a contest, plus spend time with their 
families ???  I also notice some of these guys aren't as active as they used to 
be. It that because they have been too busy checking CQWW logs and mailing out 
certificates. ?? 

     That's the whole problem with using volunteers. I ran the Georgia QSO 
Party for
a couple years ( and Ohio before that) and doing log checking, compiling the 
results and all the 
other administrative stuff you have to do takes a lot of your time. Just 
multiply CQWW by 1000 
compared to what I had to deal with.  That's why the whole process takes so 

  It would be nice if CQ got up to speed with the other contest sponsors. 
Everyone is putting their
results on the web. You could go even further by programming your web site to 
print a certificate
for you online and you could print that in the comfort of your own home on your 
color printer. Just
think of the money a sponsor would save on printing costs and postage !!  There 
are many more certificate winners than plaque winners and that would free up 
your time to make sure you get those plaques out on time.

 Over the years I have experienced many of the same things that have been 
discussed.. missing plaques, incorrect info on a certificates etc...  In fact 
one of my most prized possesions is a 1983 certificate for the CQWW CW for 
"First Place 7 Mhz for St Kitts".  Only problem is I was operating as VP2EEW on 
Anguilla !!! It sure would be nice to hear what some of you CQWW contest 
commitee members think of what everyone is saying on this subject. 

Too bad ARRL doesn't have a worldwide contest in addition to ARRL DX. They 
would blow away CQ..

Jeff  KU8E


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