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Re: [CQ-Contest] Station Inspections->Hijacked Thread

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Station Inspections->Hijacked Thread
From: "K0HB" <kzerohb@gmail.com>
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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 23:20:11 -0000
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Doug and all,

I didn't know there was an argument.

I'm not arguing with anyone, but simply stating my personal concerns and 
position on the proposed Radio Kop Inspectors program.

73, de Hans, K0HB
"Just a boy and his radio"
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> Marty,
> Well said, and it cancels any of Dave's flimsy subjective arguments.
> To Dave ... well you have lost, and to continue the argument to the
> level of silliness as you have done is a waste of time.  Very few are
> buying into your dispute.
> Doug/VA5DX
> I'll run the race and I will never be the same again.
> -----Original Message-----
> Hi Marty,
> None of what you say below means that any contester is banned from
> objecting
> to rules.
> Dave is exercising his right, as protected by your First Amendment, to
> state
> his opinion. You equally have that right. But nothing here is a valid
> argument against Dave's concerns.
> Kelly
> Ve4xt
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> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Station Inspections->Hijacked Thread
> Dave,
> No one is forcing you to allow anyone into your QTH. When 'you' decide
> that
> you want to enter into a contest (whether it be ARRL or CQ or some other
> sponsor) you decide that you are willing to abide by the RULES that the
> contest sponsor has printed...plain and simple.
> You have the options...you are in the driver's seat...and oh, by the
> way...no one is taking away ANY of your rights.
> If YOU decide you don't like the rules as stated by the sponsor then you
> have options:
> 1.  You can still 'play' in the contest, maybe even inviting some top
> notch
> contesters who understand IN ADVANCE that you are not going to submit a
> log
> for competitive scoring because you disagree with the rules.
> 2.  You can choose to submit your log as a 'check' log
> 3.  You can choose NOT to enter the contest.
> You chose to build 6Y1V. ARRL and CQWW did not force you to build the
> station, just like they do not force you to enter the contest. YOU make
> that
> choice.
> You also have the choice to develop and sponsor your own contest that
> does
> not involve those rules that you dislike.
> Stop with the "it's my intellectual property argument"...it doesn't
> wash.
> AND, as stated before no one is forcing you to submit your log. If you
> want
> a seat at the big table then you have to play by the rules.
> As for what is it going to cost to send judges out to inspect stations
> and
> who will they send...what do you care? The cost doesn't come from you or
> any
> other participant (unless and until the sponsors decide to charge an
> entry
> fee to cover the costs, at which point you STILL have the control
> because
> YOU STILL have the choice.) and the reality is that the number of
> inspections or POTENTIAL inspections' will probably be less than 20-30.
> So, hope to see you in the WW this fall, and ARRL in the spring, always
> nice
> to have the competition when we're operating in the Caribbean...but, if
> your
> station is not in the contests, well that is your choice.
> 73,
> W1MD
> /PJ2
> V26F
> Etc..
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