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Re: [CQ-Contest] Station Inspections - A Cheater Confesses

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Station Inspections - A Cheater Confesses
From: Doug Renwick <ve5ra@sasktel.net>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 12:01:26 -0600
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Let's throw this out for thought ... In my opinion I would say that more
than 50% of contesters have cheated in a contest at one time or another.
Cheated, operated outside the rule, either accidentally or purposefully.
They could be small cheats, middle cheats or big cheats.  For example
operating on the wrong frequency, running a tad over the power limit,
rubber clocking, using assistance of all kinds including super check
partial; the list is very long.  So how do you define cheating that is
worth a DQ?  The line between big cheating and other levels of cheating
are grey.  Or are lesser levels of cheating really cheating?
IMO, no matter what penalties there are for big cheaters, there will
certainly be those that would still cheat.  The threat of the 'death
penalty' wouldn't deter them.


I'll run the race and I will never be the same again. 

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All this talk of cheating and station inspections has been weighing
heavily on my conscience these last few days.  I think it's time to come
clean; I'm a cheater!

You see, a few weekends ago in the NAQP-CW I ran illegal power.  In my
defense, I was having trouble getting my auto tuner to tune after a band
change, so I dialed up the power a bit, which often helps.  It wasn't
until later that I noticed that I was running (sitting down?) 5.7 watts
in the QRP category, which as we know has a 5 watt limit.  

At first I felt ashamed for running 14% over the limits set out in the
contest rules.  Then I had to admit it felt kinda good, sort of like
driving 83 km/hr in an 80 zone.  I was an outlaw!

Then safety concerns crept in; what if all that extra power makes my 24
foot random wire glow red hot?  It might set the birch tree I tossed the
wire into on fire!  Yikes!  I quickly backed off.

So, CQ Guys.  I guess I'm at the top of the hit list now.  I had it
coming...no one to blame but myself.  Just give me a little notice if
you come over; I'll put on some coffee.  My highest rate in NAQP was 4
Q's per hour but I hope to do 25% better in CQWW-CW.  I figure we'll
still have plenty of time to chat between QSOs!


Ken Alexander

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