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Re: [RFI] Bush and BPL

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Bush and BPL
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Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 14:24:57 -0600
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I guess I posted the same time you did. I checked and the name of the box is Metricom, I did a quick search and came up with this http://news.com.com/2100-1033-269362.html?legacy=cnet

The other box you discribe is mounted on a pole about three hundred feet from the Metricom box. That box looks much bigger and is what looks to be fairly heavy steel. It has a Larsen antenna mounted along with about a 5 element yagi pointing South. I took digital pix of both boxes. The power company tech told me the switching ps their box can produce a lot of noise if they go bad.


Dale es Group,

I went with the vanity call a few years ago (7-8?) .... it's faster in
contest exchanges!

The meter reading system uses (at least) two differently sized boxes. The
smaller ones use whip antennas - the larger ones typically use  whip antenna
and an external Yagi. The original company that made this cell-based
equipment got into serious financial problems, but was later acquired by
another firm, and, last I heard, was in the process of being sold to another
corporation. The meters don't need much of an antenna to go a couple of

I am not aware of this system causing RFI problems - now days, that's
something to be grateful for!


John W0DC

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Hi John, dident recognize you with the new/old call.

 The boxes according to the power company guys I talked to are not the
 same ones for reading the meters.  They are bigger square metal units
 mounted on power poles, these are small white things hanging from the
 light standards with antennas hanging under them, unless I was fed
 some incorrect information.  I should take my binoculars out and read
 the lable underneath and take a picture too.  By the way how do the
 meters get the signal to the receivers?  I don't see an antenna
 anywhere on my meter.


 >Hi Dale -
 >I believe the boxes you are referring to are very much in use for their
 >designed purpose - remote reading of utility meters.
 >John  W0DC
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 >>     only
 >>  >they will involve broadband wireless access points and future
 >>  >technology.  I  don't believe this is showing up on anyone's radar
 >>  >screen yet.
 >>  They tried that around here and the company went BR.  The boxes with
 >>  the little antennas are still hanging on the light standards.  i
 >>  should get a pix and post it just for fun.

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