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Subject: Re: [RFI] ARRL to FCC...
From: Donald Chester <k4kyv@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 19:42:45 +0000
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> We in the "legal grow" states thank you, and the ARRL for testing and
> reporting those offending lights! Here is an example as to why your
> tests will help...
> It is a real mess in my local area right now-- as soon as one grow
> operation gets quiet, another starts making RFI...
> Until the FCC bans the import of all RFI generating lights, and enforce
> that ban, our only real hope is what you and the ARRL are doing to get
> the items banned as far upstream as possible...

Those of us in "illegal grow" states might actually be at a substantial 

I personally couldn't care less what kind of plants a neighbour is growing on 
his own property, especially for his own use; that's his business and I'm 
certainly not going to call the cops over what I "suspect" might be something 
illegal, unless he is making an obnoxious nuisance of himself or posing a clear 
threat to the safety of those who have to live around him.

If his grow lights are spewing RFI all over the neighbourhood, he would likely 
want to be the first to know, and take immediate steps to correct the problem, 
since that's like having a flashing beacon on top of your house, and usually 
attracting attention is the last thing those guys want to do.

If the offender appears approachable, a little explanation of the phenomenon 
and friendly reminder, presented in a non-threatening way, should be all it 
would take. Be sure to provide information on non-interfering alternatives if 
you know of anything. If the people appear non-approachable or you are fearful 
that they may be Mob types and you are afraid to let them know you are aware of 
their operation, try to communicate the facts anonymously. Maybe write up a 
short letter and drop it in their letterbox or mailbox, or send it by mail. I 
would include multiple copies that they could share with cohorts, with plenty 
of documentation. If word gets around within the "growing" community, you can 
be sure they will be more interested in cleaning up their RFI act than any ham 
who lives next door. 

These folks communicate with each other as does any other special interest 
group. If we could somehow instil factual information on their websites and 
speciality publications, demand for RFI-prone lights would disappear overnight, 
and "RF invisibility" would become a sought-after feature, especially if they 
thought law-enforcement people might be aware of this phenomenon. If the 
amateur community can instil a demand for clean grow lights, this would 
inevitably carry over to the legal use as well.

Fight fire with fire; you and the offenders have a strong common interest in 
cleaning up the RFI. This will likely work much more quickly than complaining 
to the FCC, which should be a last resort, and which could possibly put you in 
greater danger than by trying to work with them and get them to willing 

Let's take advantage of this window of opportunity.

Don, k4kyv
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