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Re: [RTTY] CR or QRZ: Seconds vs Minutes

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] CR or QRZ: Seconds vs Minutes
From: Kok Chen <chen@mac.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 15:09:36 -0800
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On Jan 12, 2011, at 12:46 PM, Ktfrog007@aol.com wrote:

> The friendliest I've ever been was in my running  macro:  W6XXX TU 73 AB1J 
> QRZ which I've changed to  TU W6XXX AB1J CQ
> Dropping the 73 may speed me up, but it doesn't make me a better person.  ;-))

IMHO, neither does it make you a better contest op.   You will also be 
surprised that it does not matter for the real big guns.  

In all the modes.

Guys like K3ZO (phone), N5KO/HC8N (CW) and AA5AU (RTTY) often send me a hello 
on the side, and you can go look at the "damage" it does to their scores.

If you are good, you are good, period.  

If you aspire to be good, just follow what the actual good ones do.  If you are 
like me and just want to waste away a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, well OK, 
do anything you want :-).

On phone, K3ZO even sends his greetings to me in Thai, and I would utter back a 
"korb khun krab, khun Fred."  Just a few seconds, but it does wonders for FCC 
Part 97.1(e).  OK, so both of us are Americans, but there could be some HS 
station listening, and both of us had fun :-).  But think what damage it does 
to his run rhythm.  If you watch/listen to the rhythm of these good ops, they 
appear completely relaxed.  Fred, by the way is pretty good switching to 
Spanish too.  There is a YouTube video showing Fred in a QSO in Spanish.

I am sure being friendly does not hurt their Mult count one bit.  The next time 
that ZD7 tunes around in a contest, guess who he is willing to wait in a queue 
for, a person who treated him as cannon fodder the last time, or a person who 
spent the time to thank him for a mult?  

I actually have an alternate macro set when ending a QSO with a Japanese 
station (didn't use it this time since I didn't issue any CQ) where the 
keyboard macro that sends the "TU" message actually sends "domo arigato 
gozaimashita" when I also hold down the control key.  I don't even shorten it 
to the "domo" that JA stations send to one another when they are in a rush.  
Really eats into my time I know.  Ask me if I care.  You can try that instead 
of shortening your exchanges to see if the next time you call CQ, whether you 
get more responses from JA in the future.

I always make it a point of going out of my way to give certain people a QSO 
even though I know it not won't make a difference for them; someone else will 
fill in the time slot I take up and Oregon isn't exactly what you'd call a rare 
mult.  But, it is just.... ummm... the friendliness part of it.  If I tune 
across Don and he is marginally printing, I would jot his frequency down so I 
can find him again later.  Unfair to others?  So sue me.  Life is full of 
subjective choices.  And we all make them even when we play around in an RTTY 

Just think about it when you try to make your exchanges too surgical.  
Especially if you are not yet at the top of the ladder so those couple of QSOs 
that are talked about won't matter anyway.  Might as well collect your karma 
points now on the way to the pinnacle, or you might never get there.

Chen, W7AY

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