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Re: [RTTY] RU macros - my views

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] RU macros - my views
From: Al Kozakiewicz <akozak@hourglass.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 18:35:32 +0000
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You forgot "5NN".  And, from experienced operators who should know better, no 
repeat of the key part of the exchange, especially on 80 and 40 meters where 
the error rate from noise is very high on signals that would be a cakewalk to 
decode on 10M.

Still, the thing I would most like to impress on others is that when I am 
running, MY CALL has no place in any of the tranmissions from a responding 
station.  EVER!  I know my call!  I had several people respond with:


During a pileup, this usually decodes to something like:


If they had just sent their own call, thay would have busted the pileup.  
Instead, no one did.  At least I've learned not to be quick to ask for a repeat 
in these cases.  Patience, and someone will breal silence and call again, 
usually in the clear.

Also, a number of dupes from people I suspect thought they had worked someone I 
was working during a run.  No problem, just log them again and move on.

Not really complaining here - had a lot of fun!


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> From: " pcooper"<pcooper@guernsey.net>
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> Subject: [RTTY] RU macros - my views
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> Hi all,
> Well, apart from suffering several bouts of severe giddiness during the 
> contest when I had to sleep it off, there were some very unusual macros being 
> used. Mainly (I guess) from folk new to RTTY, but some aren't.
> Many folk were calling CQ, but with no CQ at the end of their call, so you 
> have to wait till they call again to be sure they are CQ'ing and not 
> responding to a CQ.
> There were also quite a few sending IN DE, or IN OH, which is very confusing 
> initially.
> My other bugbear was the rather large number of stations sending my serial 
> number back to me.
> I had quite a few like this: GU0SUP TU 123 UR 599 100 DE XX1XX.
> Guess I am preaching to the converted here, but maybe you know one or two of 
> these guys and can pass on some guidance.
> Not so easy to do during the contest!
> 73 all, and a very Happy New Year to you all
> Phil GU0SUP
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