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Re: [TenTec] wither CW?

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] wither CW?
From: Dave Humbertson <w3np@atlanticbb.net>
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Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 15:03:42 -0400
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I certainly share that point of view. I have never cared for contests 
anyway, but when I find time on a weekend to fire up one of my old 
vintage rigs or my Corsair II for a little laid back CW and I am greeted 
with a cacophony of what appears to be machine generated (and probably 
copied) CW, I wonder the same thing. There can't be that many ultra high 
speed ops that only appear for contests and then vanish.

I have really been enjoying the SKCC operating events and the relaxing 
atmosphere that they provide and the fact that there is an op with a pen 
and paper on the other end.

Again, just my point of view and opinion.

Dave - W3NP

Phil Chambley Sr. wrote:
> I think the advent of the sound-card interface is probably responsible for 
> much of the perceived  increase in CW participation, but it does raise- at 
> least in my mind- a question of legitimacy in contests.
> It's a little bothersome to me to hear some self-proclaimed big Dxers talk 
> about all the stations they work on CW, when I know some can't copy enough 
> to pass the old Novice test.
> It seems to me the op who copies for real should have a point advantage vs. 
> the op who is using "artificial cw".  I don't work contests, only picking up 
> the occasional contact of particular DX interest, but I wonder if anyone 
> else shares this point of view.
> Phil C. Sr.
> k4dpk
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> From: "Richards" <jruing@ameritech.net>
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> Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 2:03 PM
> Subject: Re: [TenTec] wither CW?
>> Interesting, and apparently very good news for CWs.
>> Not to rain on your parade, but I am not sure the data supports the
>> stated conclusion ...  While it suggests there are more CW operators out
>> there, it is far from conclusive.   This data only proves participation
>> in CW contests has increased, as measured by the number of logs
>> submitted, and by the increasing number of contacts.
>> Thus, the total number of CW operators could have diminished, with more
>> of those remaining participating each year in the contest. Moreover,  a
>> greater number of contacts each year could be attributed to other
>> factors, such as the use of CW skimmer and other software applications,
>> and other tools, such as memory keyers and techniques decreasing the
>> time it takes to complete a contact.
>> But ... it IS a good indication.    I am one of three guys from our
>> Friday lunch bunch (or maybe 20-23 guys total)   who are learning code
>> right now.  Hopefully we exemplify the newer ham licensee who wants to
>> learn code for the fun of it, not because we have to.
>> Maybe the number of CW operators HAS been increasing, on the theory that
>> kids don't take to the piano if you force them to take piano lessons,
>> but will take up the instrument for life if  they start voluntarily.
>> Parenthetically, I suspect the reason more operators do CW then SSB in
>> dual type contests, is because a CW contact generally counts for more
>> points than and SSB contacts.   It is that way, for example, in the
>> Michigan QSO Party, which counts two points for a CW contacts, and one
>> point for an SSB contact.  I don't want to participate in the contest as
>> a rookie or first-year  contestant, until I know the code, because
>> unless one does CW, he has no chance of winning.
>> ==========================  K8JHR  ================================
>> On 5/24/2010 1:47 AM, Jim Brown K9YC wrote:
>>> Anyone who thinks CW is dying ought to turn on their radio during
>>> a contest. Some easily available statistics:
>>> Contest         Logs   QSOs by Leader
>>> ARRL SS CW 09   1553    1597
>>> ARRL SS CW 08   1420    1529
>>> ARRL 160M 09    1366    2046
>>> ARRL 160M 08    1280    1753
>>> ARRL DX CW 09   3131    5928
>>> ARRL DX CW 08   2686    4797
>>> Note that these numbers all show increased participation year to
>>> year. In ARRL SS and ARRL 160M, you can work a station only once,
>>> so that means at least 1597 stations were on the air in SS09, and
>>> 2046 in ARRL 160 09 (and thats a single band contest that many
>>> hams cant work at all)! In ARRL DX, you can work each station on
>>> multiple bands.
>>> In most contests that run both CW and SSB simultaneously, theres
>>> more activity on CW than SSB.
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