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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:15:09 -0500
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So now in my case, I have 200 ft of underground line coming from the
pole. The pole with the transformer has a single ground rod at it's
I have 27 ground rods under my 130' tower and another 12 or so around
the area of the house where the ground window is.
The antenna system ground and ground window are connected to the same
ground as the house electrical ground, very short, about one foot away
from the entrance panel. The tower is about 100 ft from the house.

Is this a problem or not?
Is there anything I should do to improve the situation?

Jim, KR9U

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"Neutral" is also bonded to the power distribution neutral feeder and a
ground rod/wire of some sort at each service pole, so it's probably more

difficult for the transformer secondary neutral to float than it


Mahlon - K4OQ

Eric Scace K3NA wrote:

>    Pardon me, but I'm a little slow at this.
>    Isn't it true that, at the pole/pad transformer, your house's
> neutral is derived from the transformer's center tap and tied to earth

> ground?
>    If that is correct, then is it a correct understanding of your
> message that you are concerned about a surge on the electric utility's

> earth conductor which is not fully earthed at the transformer
> neutral... and continues on to your local ground?
>    And if that is a correct understanding, then wouldn't the induced
> current on the other lines be a common mode current?  In that case all

> four lines (ground, neutral, +120 and -120) rise together, so the
> differential voltages between neutral and +120/-120 should be rather
> small?  Wouldn't the surge protector at the common point of entry into

> the house divert this to the excellent local earth ground at the
> single point of entrance?  (Isn't that what the surge protector is
> for?)
> -- Eric K3NA

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