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Subject: [TowerTalk] grounding
From: "Rob Atkinson, K5UJ" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 23:14:35 +0000
List-post: <>
<<<But then, you may see oxidation starting to build up in the joint and possibly rendering the connection useless (meaning high resistance). >>>

I have had copper wire antennas soldered and exposed with no trouble for years.

<<<If Cadwelding is the way to go, then why not just go there. Cadweld "Oneshots" by Erico can be purchased for around $5 -6 each if purchased in box quantities from an electrical supply house and Harger sells "Unishots" by the each for around $7 - 8.>>>

I love it when you guys talk about cadwelding as if I can just go get one out of a coke machine with complete instructions and use it as intuitively and easily as falling off a log.

My cadweld experience: Caldweld company--forget it--no retail. Rob finds obscure cadweld vendor--girl answers phone...Me: "Do you sell Cadwelds?" Girl: (As if I just asked her if she sells stolen pistols) "Uh, yes...?" Me: "Okay, I'd like to buy 7 of them." Girl: "Um, would you hold please?" Guy comes on line: "Sir, we have a minimum order of 100." I call local electrical supply..."Do you sell Cadwelds?" Guy on phone: "Yep, ...Wassa ugala bugala?*

*At this point guy has lapsed into Cadweld terminology, or some secret code only known to the high priesthood of professionals and everyone on this list who likes to say, "Just Cadweld it!" I, unable to get a straight answer on what to buy; what I need; how to use the stuff and knowing only vaugely that there are many molds and you have to have just the right one for the hardware you have, which may not be the right hardware after all, wind up going back to Home Depot to buy clamps.

How about one of you telling the rest of us what we need to purchase, what the stuff is called so we know what to ask for, what we're going to need and how to use it? I'd love to do cadwelds if someone would explain the process, how it works, and what all the stuff I'm supposed to have is. Telling me to buy a Unishot, whatever that is, isn't really an explanation. Phil is right about the clamps loosening--on top of that, you can over-do the tightening. I tore off one of the screw heads on one of mine so next time I'm gg to have to saw it off to replace the screw (it's pretty tight right now : ).

Rob Atkinson

p.s. Pse send ur answers to TT so anyone else besides me who wants to know can learn something.
pps. How to Cadweld with a demo would be a great topic for a talk at a monthly radio club meeting along with other external ground related matters (easy rod driving methods, trench depth to avoid heave etc.).

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