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I have heard of cadwelding but didn't know what it really was and that
includes after reading all the posts until yours - THANKS for a down to
earth explanation for one who didn't have any idea how it works.  I had to
start at the beginning to get it and you provided that.

Tnx es 73, de Jim KG0KP

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> I just happen to come across this discussion room and realized there are
> some questions regarding Cadwelding. Well, first of all, I would like
> clarify the terminology a bit. The process is actually call 'Exothermic
> Welding'. Since Cadweld has been in the industry the longest, people start
> calling the process 'Cadwelding'. It's like people calling
> soda's-Coke, or photocopies-Xerox. For those of you who has no idea what
> exothermic welding is, here's a simple explanation of exothermic welding.
> is the process of using pure molten copper to melt any metallic compounds
> together, creating a solid connection. The reason this is known in the
> industry to be the best type of connection possible is because it is the
> only connection that creates a molecular bond. Which is just like
> cable. (Everything is melted together into 1 solid piece of metal!)
> To make an exothermic welded connection is simple. All you need is a Mold,
> Handle Clamp (to hold the mold together), Disk & Weld Metal (to create the
> molten copper), Flint Igniter (to light up the weld metal), and a Mold
> Cleaning Brush (to clean up the mold so you can continue to make more
> connections). Also, since you are dealing with molten copper, I would
> suggest you to have the proper safety equipments, i.e., gloves, goggles,
> etc... (I guess that's just common sense. It's HOT!!)
> Normally when you are ready to purchase a Mold from the supply house, they
> will ask you what kind of connection you want to make, and what are your
> wire sizes or what you are connecting to (i.e., a T connection, X
> connection, End to End connection, etc...) The reason for this is so they
> can provide you with the correct mold you need for your connection. It is
> VERY important to use the correct mold for the right type of connection
> wire size. If not, you'll end up with a bad connection or a connection
> doesn't work! Worst of all, using the wrong mold might even cause the
> copper to leak out and melt everything in it's way, including YOU!
> Now here comes the best part!! I also happen to work at ATI Tectoniks, the
> makers of Tectoweld. We manufacture all the Exothermic Welding materials!
> So if you ever need help with exothermic welding problems, you can feel
> to contact me at 1-877-EXOWELD, or visit us at (And don't
> worry, we won't speak in secret codes, we speak English!!) If you like,
> go to your local supply house and ask for Tectoweld products.
> Lastly, if you are located in the California area, we have Demo
> Presentations on the 'Safe & Proper Handling for Exothermic Welding'.
> we will be more then happy to do for you or your club meetings. And if you
> are located outside of California, we also travel nationwide 4 times a
> for these demonstrations. Just give us a call and we'll be more then happy
> to set it up for you! I hope this clarifies some of the questions people
> might have, and hopefully gave you a better understanding of Exothermic
> Welding!
> Regards,
> Wilson Lui
> ATI Tectoniks
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