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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 09:38:27 -0700
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On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:15:09 -0500, Wolf, James wrote:

> So now in my case, I have 200 ft of underground line coming from the
> pole. The pole with the transformer has a single ground rod at it's
> base.
> I have 27 ground rods under my 130' tower and another 12 or so around
> the area of the house where the ground window is.
> The antenna system ground and ground window are connected to the same
> ground as the house electrical ground, very short, about one foot away
> from the entrance panel. The tower is about 100 ft from the house.
> Is this a problem or not?
> Is there anything I should do to improve the situation?

This is the normal situation at a broadcast facility.  The important
thing to do is provide a path around the house wiring, directly to your
ground system.  At the power entrance to the house, the utility should
have a ground.  Install whole house protection at that point.  You also
need to bring all three grounds together at that point.  Three?  Yes.
Yours, theirs, and the phone company's.  All have to be bonded at one
point outside the building.  You should have the best path possible from
your ground system to the power and phone grounds, all bonded together
so that anything that comes in on those line will go through the surge
devices and directly to your ground without having to go through house
wiring to get there.  Your ground has to look a lot more attractive to a
surge than any path the house wiring might provide.


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