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[VHFcontesting] Pre-contest skeds

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Pre-contest skeds
From: kharker@cs.utexas.edu (Kenneth E. Harker)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:06 2003
     I guess my concern with skeds made before the contest is that 
you have done a lot of work to get a lot of information "pre-loaded."
You will already know the other station's callsign, grid square, frequency,
beam heading, and when they will be there.  This greatly reduces the 
amount of work one has to do during the actual contest period.  It
can affect band change decisions before and after the sked, for example.
Advertise your entire sked list beforehand and you're basically spotting 
yourself, just before the contest starts.

    For instance, if I'm in EM10 and I hear a weak signal to the northeast
on two meters, maybe I get the callsign OK and I hear that the grid square 
is EM32 or maybe EM52.  I'm not sure.  It may take several repeats for me 
to get it.  "Rogers" are a lot easier to distinguish than the difference
between 32 and 52.  If I'm on a sked and I hear the other station in the 
exact same circumstance, I already know his grid square, I might even already 
know the exact to-the-degree beam heading to peak him up.  I'm sure a lot 
of people in that situation would just send rogers.

    For me, it just doesn't feel right.

Kenneth E. Harker      "Vox Clamantis in Deserto"      kharker@cs.utexas.edu
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