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[Yaesu] HT decisions

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Subject: [Yaesu] HT decisions
From: n0gmp@juno.com (David R Jeffries)
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:48:30 EDT
You might consider that Yeasu  (I believe) is the only manf. that as we
speak is offering a amateur HH with Digital PL  capabilities .  The HH is
the FT50.

I know of no other but they all "should" by hopping on the bandwagon
right soon.

For one interested in Public Service work, the capability of both analog
and digital PL is pretty important as motorla shops seem to switch to DPL
 whenever possible to insure that a customer buys only their radios.    
They are (I believe) the only commercial radios to use DPL and a regular
(analog ) PL signal will not trip a DPL circuit.

Dave Jeffries
Box Elder, South Dakota
 N9KRS <n9krs@ibm.net> writes:
>Folks, I've got some money burning a whole in my pocket and I want to 
>buy a new handheld.
>First, let me give you some background. I've owned several handhelds 
>and still have the Yaesu FT-23R that I bought 8 years ago. It works just

>Since that first FT-23, I've owned an FT-470, another FT-23, an FT-33, 
>an FT-73, an FT-530, and a Kenwood TH-78A.
>The TH-78 soured me on Kenwood handhelds because of the user interface 
>and the really lousy receiver.
>I really liked my FT-530. It had lots of features and was easy to use. 
>Some low-life must have decided that it looked like a cellular phone 
>as it was stolen one night when my car was broken into at the office. 
>Anyway, the only negative comment I can make about the FT-530 was 
>lack of  memories,  lack of memory naming, and size. Other than that, 
>I was really happy with that radio.
>I've been looking at the current crop of Yaesu handhelds. The VX-1 is, 
>in, my opinion, a toy. I use my handheld for public service work and 
>want a radio with 5 watts output. The FT-51 looks pretty nice. Lots of 
>features, 5 watts out, lots of memories, 8-character memory naming, 
>dual in-band receive, PC programmable, and decent size. 
>But the FT-51 seems like a dead end in the Yaesu product line and the 
>price is kinda high. I've also looked at the FT-50. Not quite as many 
>features as the FT-51, 5 watts, not as many characters in the memory 
>names, PC programmable, small size. Given that Yaesu has developed 
>business band radios based on the same form factor as the FT-50, 
>it seems like the FT-50 may be with us for a while. Note that
>the super wideband frequency coverage of the FT-50 is not an issue 
>with me.      I don't need another scanner.
>So, what am I missing? What issues surrounding these two radios am I 
>not considering? What radios from other manufacturers should I consider?
>Thanks for you help!

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