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Re: [RFI] Defibrillator and RF Exposure Query

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Defibrillator and RF Exposure Query
From: "Jim P" <jvpoll@dallas.net>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 23:05:11 -0500
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Subject: Re: [RFI] Defibrillator and RF Exposure Query

> Inverse square law, of course, will apply, so any antenna system 
> that maximizes the distance between the subject and the antenna 
> and keeps RF off of the feedline would be better than one that 
> does not. In other words, I would try to 


> stick with well matched resonant dipoles with good baluns and 
> coax, and operate on the lower HF bands. And, of course, many 
> hams have lots of fun running QRP. 

Maybe I'm missing something in regards to the caveat: "and operate 
on the lower HF bands".

I am of the understanding that a 1/2 wave or 1/4 wave 'ground plane' 
(the ground radials *do* form a choke of sorts to RF currents besides 
acting as the counterpoise in 1/4 wave ground plane) antenna would 
also fit into the prior category of antennas "that maximizes the 
distance between the subject and the antenna and keeps RF off of 
the feedline", therefore, 10 Meters, 12 Meters (and possibly 17 and 
20 Meters depending on antenna design) are a possibility for operating 
on a small lot with an eye towards keeping RF exposure levels low. 

Full disclosure: I have a 1/2 wave "ground plane" antenna (10 M 
Ringo look-a-like with 'aftermarket' radials attached)  with the base 
20' up in the backyard near the back lot line and don't experience 
RFI on any electronics devices when running 100 Watts (that is 
usually the first indicator that there may be unusual RF levels 

I haven't any experience with horizontal beams and RFI on 10 - 20 M 
so I can't speak on what RF exposure/RF effects are beneath those 
types of antennas sitting atop 50' or 75' masts next to a house.

On the other hand, I trip my main GFI breaker instantly when 
transmitting on 80 M with a dipole placed just over the house at 
the same power level.

Which brings to minmd this thought: Any lower freq/longer wave-
length HF band antennas comprised of simple balanced dipole 
radiating elements are going to create 'fields' (literally: magnetic 
and electric energy-containing fields which store energy from  RF
cycle to cycle in the proximity of that dipole on the order of 1/2 
wavelength or so from that antenna - 127'  for 80 Meters for 
instance) so upon further review I'm not sure that a caveat about 
"well matched resonant dipoles with good baluns" is as much a 
part of the solution as establishing *pure* distance from the 
radiating elements to sensitive human or equipment; on a small 
city lot that is not an easy thing to do!
Maybe an inverted V for the lowr HF freqs hoisted in the middle 
using a 75' tower as a support that also supports a multi-band 
horizontal beam for 10 - 20 (or so) would provide sufficiently
low RF levels for 100W on the lower freqs and support 500W
or so on the higher freqs (for those bands on the Horz beam.)

Jim P  // WB5WPA //

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