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Re: [RFI] LED lighting

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Subject: Re: [RFI] LED lighting
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Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 21:33:57 +0000
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Do these look like LED lights from the ground? I can be on the lookout for them 
here, too.  If we ever start seeing noisy LED streetlights, we are in BIG 


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As I said, (and told the City folks), not scientific, had we had more time I 
would have been able to do a proper test, but the lights are already up and 
running...  I will do a few more drive by events as time allows, and bring 
higher and higher frequency gear.

We came into this late.  This was just a sweep to be sure something was not 
horribly wrong, not a definitive test, and it was presented as such to the city.

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On Mon, 2015-07-27 at 13:06 -0400, qrv@kd4e.com wrote:
> David,
>       What about VHF, UHF, SHF?
>       No potential for weak signal GPS or WiFi interference?
> David
> > I discovered that the City here is going to be switching to LED 
> > streetlights soon, and ended up in contact with the City Engineer...
> > 
> > The long and short of it is that the city had not even thought about 
> > Part 15/18 compliance, but when they looked, the lights were 
> > compliant as per the data sheet on them.
> > 
> > He and agreed to have us look over the test run they have in place 
> > looking for RFI...  He gave us the addresses and we we did-- all of 
> > them were dead quiet on 80-10 Meters, regarding broadband noise, in 
> > a drive around test...
> > 
> > We did a prelight drive around, mapping all the poles by number and 
> > taking RF background readings, on 80-10, then waited for them to 
> > light, and did it again...  Not one light made any detectable RFI, 
> > at street level.  Not scientific, and I told him that, but at least 
> > the city is being really good about RFI, and it is now on their radar.

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