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Subject: Re: [Amps] Rich is a good guy
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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 02:18:43 -0400
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OK, guys ... 

Take this to private e-mail.  Attacking or defending any individual 
is not appropriate here.  The personality wars will end or the list 
will be back to full moderation mode. 

Amps is not a forum for either praising or burying Caesar.  It is 
a forum for discussing amplifiers and amplifier techniques to the 
amateur radio service.  


   ... Administrator 

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> How has he "consistently shown he has the substance to back 
> up what he 
> claims?"  I've never seen a Rich Measures designed amp for 
> sale by any 
> company.
> It's easy to back up your claims when all you do is post to the net. 
> It's much more difficult to leave yourself out there by actually 
> designing an amp that people can actually buy and have problems with. 
> Tom has done the latter and has had abuse heaped upon him by 
> a guy who 
> only talks about his amp designs on a web site. It's easy to be an 
> armchair quarterback, it's much harder to put yourself into the mix.
> When Rich can convince someone to produce his superior amp 
> designs, then 
> he will earn the right to act like he does on this list. 
> Until then, I'd 
> prefer he stop, nice guy or not.
> Scott, N9AA
> Gary Smith wrote:
> > I have to agree, I rarely post here but I've known 
> > Rich since the late 80's and he has been nothing but 
> > helpful and accurate every time I've asked him for 
> > assistance. He's opinionated alright but he has 
> > consistently shown he has the substance to back up 
> > what he claims.
> >
> > Gary
> > KA1J
> >
> >   
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