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Re: [Amps] Rich is a good guy

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Rich is a good guy
From: "Gary Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 10:55:47 -0700
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My ez .02 on this.
I have asked many questions to those who subsciorbe to this reflector.

Quite possibly I have not phrased my question as well as I might have.  But 
when I have received an answer to my query, it has came from many of the 
members of this group and not one of them has taken me to task as to my 
verbiage or my intellectual standing.

Then what often occurs to me when a short ( and maybe ) terse answer has 
been remitted is, I am a caused to think.   And to some this a difficult 
job. And , often this is the most important part. By thinking and mulling 
over the Q&A if you will, I realize that now I have learned.

This is how I have received what I call my "poor man's " education in 
electronics.  Thanks to guys like Rich Measures and Dr. Kirby over there on 
the British island along with all of the others on this forum, I have gained 
much more knowledge (truly, my $$$ worth here) than I would have in a formal 
educational setting.

I have no criticism to those who know more ( and less ) than I do, that is 
why I ask what I am need of knowledge of and offer what I can to make this 
group the interesting one that it is.

Gary Smith...wa6fgi
Retired Locomotive Engineer.  Fwiw I have in depth knowledge on that 
subject. 42 yrs worth.


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