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[Amps] Recent subscribers perspective!

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Subject: [Amps] Recent subscribers perspective!
From: "Cecil Acuff" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 12:41:14 -0500
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Not sure most will care but here is the perspective of a recent subscriber 
to this list.  Don't mistake that to mean a "newbie" to things RF and 
Amateur Radio in general.  I subscribe to, and have subscribed to many lists 
over the past several years and realize each one has a unique personality. 
Been licensed as a ham for over 30 years, been restoring tube gear for the 
last 10 or 12, hold an FCC Commercial license, Advanced Class Ham license 
and a Pilots license.  I work for one of the nations largest electric 
utilities doing....what else RF work, designing 900Mhz SCADA systems and 2/6 
Ghz microwave installations.  (no I'm not an's a divine gift 
and years of experience added to 2 years of electronics trade school)

I came here because I purchased (cheap) a used and abused Dentron Clipperton 
L and wanted to go through it and turn it into an acceptable near legal 
limit desktop amp for use on the air in my DXing endeavors.  As I usually do 
I sat back and watched the list function for a month to get a feel for the 
dynamics and quickly realized in my short time aboard it was not so much 
about amps as it was a technical pissing contest. (excuse the reference)

Tubes with handles, 10KW dummy loads, three phase power inputs, attacks on 
contesters and the power levels they may or may not run etc....Yea I'm gonna 
post my "how do I neutralize my little 572B amp" question in the midst of 
that kind of activity....

I can tell there are a lot of highly educated and experienced folks on this 
list but guys all that is worthless if it's not being used to help folks 
that can't achieve that level of technical understanding on their own.  (me 

Then a member posts an Ameritron amp for sale...needing work looking for a 
reasonable offer.  Figured it was a good platform for a project and asked a 
few questions, maybe a few pictures of the cosmetics...even made an off the 
cuff offer based on the description....sundown on the deal was sometime on 
the Sunday following.  Never a response...not even a post that I've seen 
about if the amp sold or it went to Ebay as was threatened.  I guess my name 
and call were not on the club roster so I got the delete key!  One more 
piece of the "Amps" picture puzzle falls into place.  (friendly place!)

A supportive note to the "Mysterious Admin." goes unacknowledged....I guess 
for fear of being identified.  Never been on a list where the Admins name 
and call were not known by all....will have to say that's a first. (another 
piece of the puzzle?)

Tom (W8JI) I have read the info on your web page...great technical stuff as 
it relates to multi tube amp designs and the problems associated with them. 
But unless I missed it there were no practical specifics on how to minimize 
the problems.  I have resorted to trying to adopt some of the Ameritron 
circuit designs on their 4ea 572B amp...they seem to have improved on the 
design even though all the parts are not identified on their schematics and 
parts lists. (Tom you may have been a part of that work...don't know)

Rich I haven't visited your site yet...but will get around to it.  I'm sure 
I will find good stuff there too.

Bottom experience so far has not been all that positive...and 
that's OK it's been a short sample (still collecting puzzle pieces) and I 
can go just like I came.  Didn't come here to change the world as we know it 
nor be entertained.....but how many have come and gone quietly before me and 
will after me and how does that speak to the value of this list.  Is this 
the same root cause for the problems with Amateur Radio in general?

There's no future in any of that!

Cecil Acuff  (probably in the penalty box or on a few additional black lists 
now..:-) )
Gulfport MS (Hurricane Katrina ground Zero)
MDXA member
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Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2006 9:57 AM
Subject: Re: [Amps] Rich is a good guy

>R L Measures wrote:
>> On Jun 25, 2006, at 3:06 AM, David Kirkby wrote:
>>>> Amps is not a forum for either praising or burying Caesar.
>>> The truth is 'amps' has been like this for as long as I can recall.  I
>>> use a number of mailing lists and newsgroups, but the S/N on here  is
>>> lower than any other. I don't know why, but IMHO it is a fact. I  have
>>> unsubscribed more than once because of the the poor quality.
>> One thing that would cause me to unsubscribe is if moderator refuses  to
>> allow NFB on information that is not supported by Ohm's law.
> What's NFB?
> It if is what I think you might mean (Negative Feedback) then I believe
> "constructive criticism" would be a better term, rather than some
> 'eBayism'. I know eBay seems to be taking over the world, but don't help
> them on their way. (If I misunderstand you, please correct me)
> But one of the many problems on here is that on a significant number of
> occasions the criticisms are not constructive, but aggressive and 
> personal.
> Perhaps (and I think its worth a try), moderation of those who get
> personal would be useful. The argument you use in another post about
> McCarthy bringing down McCarthy just does not seem to be happening.
> Just a short (1 day or so) disabling of an account might clean it up a 
> bit.
> On many occasions the same arguments appear all the time. Sometimes if
> the arguments could be written on a web page and someone pointed to that
> it would be useful. I tried to do with the RMS power argument.
> -- 
> Dr. David Kirkby
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