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Re: [Amps] Rich is a good guy

To: "David Kirkby" <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Rich is a good guy
From: R L Measures <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 06:22:50 -0700
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On Jun 25, 2006, at 3:06 AM, David Kirkby wrote:

>> Amps is not a forum for either praising or burying Caesar.
> The truth is 'amps' has been like this for as long as I can recall.  
> I use a number of mailing lists and newsgroups, but the S/N on here  
> is lower than any other. I don't know why, but IMHO it is a fact. I  
> have unsubscribed more than once because of the the poor quality.

One thing that would cause me to unsubscribe is if moderator refuses  
to allow NFB on information that is not supported by Ohm's law.
> A couple of weeks ago someone sent me an email on a technical  
> matter but indicated he would have sent it here but chose not too  
> because of the reaction it might cause.
> I think the sensible solution might be to ban an individual for a  
> day. If the message does not through,  increase it to a few days.
> IMHO full moderation is not a good solution in my opinion. I find  
> the comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica newsgroup too slow due to the  
> moderation.
> Would it be possible to moderate only certain individuals? Restrict  
> it to those who often make things personal.
Dave --  When Senator Joe McCarthy was running amuck in the 50s  
wildly accusing people of being "Commie", President Dwight Eisenhower  
was advised to speak out on the matter, but he declined saying that  
McCarthy would use Presidential criticism to gain his main ambition,  
which was more and more attention, and that, if ignored, in good time  
McCarthy would likely bring down McCarthy.  Eventually, Ike proved to  
be right -- and quite hilariously so at that.
   As I see it, those who get personal will eventually be ignored,  
they will fade away, and the problem will be taken care of without  
giving them the opportunity to claim martyrdom and kvetch about it.    
OTOH, by allowing NFB, members of AMPS can decide for themselves who  
purveys Bandini and who does not.  OTOH to the OTOH, Not allowing NFB  
will turn AMPS into a BSer's camp.

R L MEASURES, AG6K. 805-386-3734

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