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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 12:02:44 -0400
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> One thing that would cause me to unsubscribe is if moderator refuses  
> to allow NFB on information that is not supported by Ohm's law.

If you have PROOF, that's one thing but constantly demanding that 
others provide the proof, calling their statements "manure," or 
addressing other posters as if they were novices will not be 
tolerated.  If you do not agree with W8JI's manual for the AL-80 
it is up to you to prove that it is wrong.  If you believe the 
3-500Z cannot handle 550 mA for short peaks, put one in a properly 
constructed and instrumented test fixture and prove it.  Otherwise, 
accept that "Eimac had no problem at all with the manual telling 
people they could TUNE to 550mA, and then back drive off until 
400mA is reached." 

If you can, show that the tube cannot achieve 550 mA of plate 
current due to cathode starvation.  Show that when tuned for 
550 mA of peak plate current and driven for 400 mA the IMD is 
unacceptable.  Prove that the operation is not consistent with 
good practice but do not attack the messenger.   

Manufacturer's spec sheets are guidelines for operation and their 
maximum ratings ALWAYS contain a safety factor.  Anyone who will 
design or operate a device will "all parameters at maximum" is a 
fool but "typical operating conditions" are just that - "typical." 

I have run broadcast transmitters outside the tube manufacturer's 
"spec sheet" many times and been completely legal.  In several 
instances the new parameters became standard practice for the 
industry and were blessed by the tube manufacturer even though 
the spec sheets NEVER reflected the practice. 

   ... Administrator 

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