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Subject: Re: [Amps] SB-200 DATA
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 05:32:28 EDT
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In a message dated 7/17/2007 10:12:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Using a  tube right at the upper limit frequency isn't the 
best idea, unless you  just have no other choice or are 
trying to prove a point.

73  Tom

Tom, Carl has been converting SB-200's to 6 meters for 40 years, he makes  
them work right.  Their continued performance "in use" proves they will  last.  
No doubt the "tube" is not the "best" choice but in the world of ham  radio we 
have to have a different outlook on things.  
Lets say you were stranded on a tropical island and the only thing to eat  
were bananas.  You would eat bananas and you would eat a lot of  bananas!!  Or 
perhaps coconuts, so you would eat a lot of coconuts.   It may not be your 
first choice of foods, but you would get to like them real  fast.
In the world of ham radio we have lots of hams unable to build there own  
equipment, lets face it, not everybody is like you and some of the others on  
here.  For many, if you can't plug it in and go, it just ain't  happin'.  I 
we refer to them as appliance operators. Oh, and don't  forget, hams rank 
about the highest on the list for being as cheap as one can  get!  SO that 
us to what does one do about a 6 meter amp?
Well, if one can get 700 watts on 6 meters that is reliable and affordable,  
and good heavens there are ALOT of SB-200's out there.  I see multiple  units 
at hamfests STILL at reasonable prices.  Even a brick doesn't come  near the 
cost of a converted Sb-200 in price and power.  A Command Tech VHF  1200 used 
would set you back a pretty penny.  So for a buck a watt the  Sb-200 stands up 
to the job very nicely.  I don't think it is a matter of  proving a point, 
because if that was the case Carl, and the like would have  built one unit to 
prove the point, but not do it for 40 years and do 100's of  them for the hams 
out there that think it's a good buy in a 6 meter amp.   And I think THAT is 
Better choices in tubes YES.  and in the same light, One can buy an  Alpha 
amp or one can buy an Ameritron amp.  Is the Alpha a better  choice?  well, I 
have 5 Ameritron amps at the present time.   Lou

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