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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 09:24:38 -0400
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If you dont need 160 the SB-200 is an economical choice. They work fine on 
12/17M also. It is not an amp for RTTY or digital modes. The price stays low 
since over 10,000 were sold.

I buy around 50 a year and many still have original 60's-70's date code 
tubes and put out full power. I dont think that you will ever see an 
Ameritron or Alpha running that long on original tubes; they push them a lot 

They have an internal jumper to switch between 120/240VAC and at around 33# 
they dont collapse your desk.

You can compare them to the Ford Model A or the 64-67 Mustang. Millions 
sold, almost as many are still on the road and new parts are readily 
available. Not the best cars built but they did what they were built to do; 
get you from Point A to Point B and back again.


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>I have been following this thread since it started, and have a question -
> What is a GOOD alternative, for this performance level, and at a 
> comparable
> used price?
> Even an AL-82 will run quite a bit more from what I've seen.
> Just wondered, as I've been thinking of picking up something smaller, 
> easier
> to use, lighter
> and QUIETER then my Henry for regular use.  Just HF use - doesn't need to 
> be
> a recommended
> 6 meter modifiable unit.  I had been thinking about an SB-200, but now I'm
> given to
> understand that they have a fishy odor?  I don't want THAT!
>  Kevin -  KC8GIA
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