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[Amps] Status of Alpha

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Subject: [Amps] Status of Alpha
From: "Jim Thomson" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2017 09:57:24 -0700
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Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2017 16:51:43 +0000 (UTC)
From: Mike Dishop <>
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Subject: [Amps] Status of Alpha

<Ten Tec and Alpha are two different companies with some common ownership.? I 
own half of Alpha and am the managing partner.
<Alpha has an active web site.Alpha has a telephone number that is manned 7AM 
-4PM Central time.Alpha runs ads on and has placed some in QST.Alpha is 
in the same location that they have occupied since 2010Alpha has an active web 
<store.9500 and 8410 Amplifiers are in stock, available to order, available to 
ship TODAY in the Alpha web store.Alpha has been repairing amps and the only 
thing sitting around in the shop with a backlog are 87A's that we are TRYING to 
find parts for. <That amp is OBSOLETE. If you have one it is time to buy a 

##  so which is it ?   If the 87A is long gone obsolete, and parts are hard to 
come by, what is the re-sale value going to be on them ?   And what exactly  is 
failing on them?  Which parts are hard to come by ? 

<And you are worried about buying a US manufactured, US designed and US 
supported amp on the used market?? Seriously?? 

##  well you just stated that the 87-A is  OBSOLETE..and some parts are heard 
to come by.  What about older alphas, like the 374, 76, 89, 91B, and 99 ?   Are 
they repairable ?   Will parts be available in the future?  

<You'll notice in my "rant" that I said that there are a couple of people who 
every three months do the same thing -? ask the exact question and stir up this 
discussion again.? It may be innocently done and all that, but the result is it 
starts a fire storm of <discussion and negativity about the company which in 
turn may put off a customer from purchasing goods from us.? To prove my case 
look here -? this gentleman is afraid to buy a USED Alpha!? What do you think 
that does to new sales then?

##  It would not put a dent on new sales.   If the owner states some parts are 
hard to come by, and  87-As  are stacked up..waiting for parts, then goes on to 
say the 87-A is now obsolete..and to sell it asap, and buy a 9500, yeah, I 
would be a bit leery about paying huge $$  for a used amp, that just might be 
an issue to get fixed...down the road...which in turn would affect re-sale 
value.   It would be difficult to sell a non functioning amp.  It would have to 
be repaired 1st... before it could be listed for sale.   

< I have to say especially that the 8410 with the twin 4cx1500 in it is 
probably the best amplifiers ever built by Alpha, comparing only to the 
legendary Alpha 77 
<73-Mike N8WFF

##  It baffles me and a few other folks why Alpha decided on a pair of 
4CX-1500s in the manual tune 8410 amp.   Why didnt you instead just make a 
manual tune version of the 9500...with a single 8877 ??   IMO, that would have 
made more sense.  1 simple GG triode,  no screen supply...simple bias 
setup...only 1 socket...and one chimney..and suppressor. Easier to trbl shoot 

##  The 9500 is not an inexpensive amp..esp outside the USA.  ( 13K here in 
Canada).   The SS  Dishtronix amp is even more $$$ than the 9500.  ( 21K in 
Canada).  I looked at the Dishtronix amp a few years back, but the –30db pep 
IMD3  didnt meet my standards, so passed on it at the time. 

Jim   VE7RF 

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