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[Amps] Narcissist abuse was: Status of Alpha

Subject: [Amps] Narcissist abuse was: Status of Alpha
From: Steve Wright <>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2017 15:27:12 +1300
List-post: <>
On 03/10/17 13:50, Tom Osborne wrote:
> That is just the way it is nowadays..
> Too many stories from 'anonymous sources'. or 'unconfirmed stories' that we
> see in the news every day.
> Sad state of affairs any more.  

I dispute "thats the way it is".

I call abuse, "abuse".  Because that's what it is.  People who cast
aspersions are ABUSERS, no less.  The poor man rants because he's at his
wits end because of ABUSE - no less.  The real ABUSERS don't want to
hear it, and that's tough because they are gonna get called on it. 

Narcissists are experts at reversing their little game BACK onto the
ABUSED, and they also scream the place down when they get CALLED on it. 

People who use projections to cast aspersions are ABUSERS.

Never say anything you are not prepared to EAT.


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