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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2017 19:46:00 +0000 (UTC)
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  So, anyone with a keyboard can say whatever they like about me or my 
companies here, and yet if I exercise my free speech and  present facts to back 
up my claims and do it calmly without insulting anyone or  knocking anyone's 
head in, that is a rant?   Trust me, you have NEVER seen me rant. 

I would think that the people on the amps reflector would want to here the 
facts straight from the guy who is in the know better than anyone else.  If you 
do not care to hear the truth just don't read further.

The DX2400 IMD is far better than -30 dB PEP.  It is better than -30 dBc.  It 
is even better than the A9500.  We simply don't publish it as such. 

Let me clear up the misunderstanding about the 87A.  That unit was designed and 
released previous to 1987 and is a pretty good example of state of the art 
technology for 1984.  Some of you know I come from the appliance industry. In 
the appliance industry we made specific provisions that a microprocessor would 
be supported 20 years before incorporating it into a control.  talk about 
pulling teeth!  How many microprocessor iterations have occurred since the 8080 
/  Z80 / RCA 6502 technology of 1984?  286, 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium2,3 
...Core 2,core 3, i5,i7... can anyone even name them all?  Can you buy a brand 
new 286 today?  Or get one repaired easily and cheaply?

Here is the point. Manufacturers obsolete critical parts well before 20 years.  
The 87A technology is now roughly 35 years old!   The 87 itself is 30 years old 
this year!  

What is your thirty year old Chevy worth that you drove every day?  Can you 
still get EVERY single part for it brand new?  We are not nearly as big as GM.  
We are a specialty manufacturer like maybe Lamborghini.  Can you get a 
speedometer needle for a 1984 Muria if you need one?  

Like it or not, there comes a time when things go obsolete.  The previous 
owners said they were not going to support the 87A and that ignited such a 
backlash of a firestorm that they recanted.  I have made the policy very clear 
at Alpha.  I will state it again so there will be no misunderstanding:

is a huge capitol "IF")  WE CAN GET THE PARTS.   We are happy to do it. We want 
you on the air with our products. We support you every way we possibly can.  I 
personally get great happiness in my life when I put out a product that makes 
someone happy.  Life can be a real pain sometimes and it is really refreshing 
to know that you can go home, flip the switch and depend on something.  It is 
comforting to know that if something does go wrong the experts who made it are 
right here, speak your language and are willing to help you.  How many times 
has Glenn answered people on the weekend on his own time and tried to get 
someone on the air?  It happens all the time.  Who else does that?  We try to 
go above and beyond consistently each and every time. Why would you want to buy 
anything else from anyone else?  You have the best safety net in the business 
with a almost fifty year record of backing you up.  That is why I'm working 
with Alpha. That is the experience I want you to have when you deal with us.  I 
don't want to be the biggest fish in the pond. I just want to be the best fish 
in the pond. Everything I do is controlled by that one single goal.

Yes, the 87A is obsolete. Sometimes we get one in which is not repairable.  If 
the owner junks it we try to pull any parts out that might help someone else.  
There is just no way around this.  Other companies selling you amps haven't 
even been around thirty years.  Yes, it IS time to upgrade to a 9500.  We will 
keep supporting your 87A the best we can but sometimes we just can't fix them 
or it would cost more than purchasing a new amp.  Let's be realistic. If you've 
been driving that car for thirty years, it isn't REASONABLE to expect it to 
have any resale value.  You've had it, you've enjoyed it, you've gotten your 
money's worth out of it.  What is there to complain about?  And, considering 
how good it has been to you, why would you not buy another one from us that is 
current production that we can support?

Regarding the website issues it appears that the rules have changed this month 
about SSL security or some such thing.  The younger generation who understands 
such things is looking into it.  I believe they may have it sorted out soon I 

I hope this is not considered a "rant". I have replied to some questions asked 
in the threads.  I have double spaced this and it looks fine from yahoo.  I may 
need to rejoin amps from my personal email if this comes up looking screwy 
again.  I noticed the previous post all periods were replaced by question marks 
and it was all run together.

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