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Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2017 03:23:14 +0000 (UTC)
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 I would like to thank everyone for your positive comments here and for the 
flood of email support you sent me privately. It is very much appreciated.

I am sorry if I offended anyone here and promise that was not my intention in 
posting. I just wanted to set the record straight and let you hear it straight 
from the horses mouth instead of the other end :)  

So here I am, on record about our repair policy and the status of the Alpha 
business, and now you have solid facts without any need for speculation.

I am intimately aware of all of the things that transpired at Alpha over the 
years, and of the problems that developed.  I'm working very hard to make sure 
that none of that happens again.  My partners and I cleaned up everything in 
the business. ARFSL is debt free and all the suppliers even to RKR were /  are 
paid up.  We have all the parts we need to build, sell and service the amps.  
We are in really good shape.  What we need now are sales.  We need you guys to 
order 8410s or 9500s.  When you do that, you put money back in the till and pay 
the people who build and maintain the amps.  Everything you spend with us goes 
right into the business. My partners and I have not drawn a single dime out of 
Alpha so far.  We will get our money for our effort when we launch products 
like the 4040 or some of the other cool stuff we are working on.

I just hope the message gets out there that we are here and we are supporting 
everyone and doing a good job at it.  If you have complaints ever about me or 
any of the people working in my organization you can always let me know and 
I'll do everything I can do within reason to make it right. 

We need your business and we want your business. I want to be very clear about 
that.  Every amp you purchase makes a difference. Every time one of you buys a 
new Alpha you can say to yourself "I just helped a great American company 
continue into the future".  You want to see high efficiency EER amps that don't 
get hot and don't cost a fortune?  the amp you buys today funds all the future 
efforts and products.  We aren't subsidized by anyone buy the people like you 
who buy our goods and services.

I also want to mention that they changed SSL certificates or something like 
that today, and maybe the website will be working more correctly.

I'm going to fade back into the background and continue getting to work on the 
things I need to do to ensure the continued longevity of these icons.

If you remember nothing else, just remember that good is not good enough if you 
intend to be great, and at Alpha we ARE making ham radio great again one 
amplifier at a time, and the next one could be yours! 

Mike N8WFF
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