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Re: [Amps] Status of Alpha

Subject: Re: [Amps] Status of Alpha
From: John Bodine <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2017 11:36:19 -0400
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Mike et al,

    First off, Mike. Thanks for coming out for the hobby and all of us. I
had owned a few used Alphas in the last decade and decided in May 2017 that
it was time for a new one; an 8410 and I bought one. I was definitely ready
for a four year warranty along with more of the legendary service that I
had already received on my two 91B's.
          The 8410 has certainly exceeded expectations and all I can say is
I am glad I bought it.
          The rumors get pretty dreary and we could all do without the "I
heard ..(base-less tripe)..and so on. It doesn't take long to figure out
who the wash women are.
          73's all and let's take our great hobby forward. If you can't do
that then bait a hook and cast it into the water; not the airwaves or
discussion lists. Thanks for listening.

On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 12:51 PM, Mike Dishop via Amps <>

>  Ten Tec and Alpha are two different companies with some common
> ownership.  I own half of Alpha and am the managing partner.
> Alpha has an active web site.Alpha has a telephone number that is manned
> 7AM -4PM Central time.Alpha runs ads on and has placed some in
> QST.Alpha is in the same location that they have occupied since 2010Alpha
> has an active web store.9500 and 8410 Amplifiers are in stock, available to
> order, available to ship TODAY in the Alpha web store.Alpha has been
> repairing amps and the only thing sitting around in the shop with a backlog
> are 87A's that we are trying to find parts for. That amp is obsolete. If
> you have one it is time to buy a 9500. Array solutions does not have the
> programs or codes to properly service the Alpha line as far as we know.
> Why would you send your amp to them anyway?  We haven't missed a day or
> been closed EVER, so what is the mystery?  The products aren't orphaned.
> Given all this, why do people have concern or ask about the status of
> Alpha?  It is so easy to dial the phone and ask Are you in business?  My
> email is all over the internet and it is easy to call me at Dishtronix. I
> answer the phone.  Alpha answers the phone.
> Can't you guys see that rumors like this are just rumors?    Can't you see
> that rumors are financially damaging to the company?  If you are afraid to
> buy a used Alpha and want to send it to Array solutions I've got news for
> you.  I employ around ten people and have three US locations.  Last I knew
> Jay and Bob were working out of a shop in the back of Jay's property.  They
> certainly do not own pick and place machines and a board assembly house and
> they didn't design any of the amplifiers they are selling you.  Knowing
> what I know about the Alpha line, I would not say that they are qualified
> for all repairs because they don't have the passwords and software
> necessary to make the adjustments in some of the amps. Certainly they are
> not a franchised distributer or service center for Alpha.  II'm pretty sure
> they don't have some of the specialty parts we use because it takes a 5,000
> dollar bill to order the minimum quantity of one of our special resistors
> we use which cost around 30 dollars each IN QUANTITY.  You can't make an
> investment in parts like that if you aren't manufacturing amps.  Meanwhile
> Alpha has been in business since what, 1970?  Continuously?  I've been in
> business since 1998. Ten Tec since 1968?  And you are worried about buying
> a US manufactured, US designed and US supported amp on the used market?
> Seriously?
> You'll notice in my "rant" that I said that there are a couple of people
> who every three months do the same thing -  ask the exact question and stir
> up this discussion again.  It may be innocently done and all that, but the
> result is it starts a fire storm of discussion and negativity about the
> company which in turn may put off a customer from purchasing goods from
> us.  To prove my case look here -  this gentleman is afraid to buy a USED
> Alpha!  What do you think that does to new sales then?
> My goodness we have even run adds in QST.
> It reaches the point where I wonder what else I can do other than camp on
> line constantly and spoon feed PR to the crowd.  The problem if I do this
> is that I won't get any of the new products out the door in which case the
> company really is doomed.
> If you think my comments are uncomplimentary or unwarranted on the Ten Tec
> issue, all I can say is how many times should I go through this politely
> and gently as I have done in the past, before telling you in a more
> forceful manner that you will remember?  How long should I put up with
> someone punching me in the nose before I punch back?  I just got sick of it
> so I decided to try to put it in terms that even a rock with an IQ of zero
> could understand.  Now if that makes me a terrible person or whatever else
> anyone wants to infer about me I guess they are entitled to their opinion.
> I think it is very dangerous to judge another person when you don't know
> them and haven't met them. I think in my entire career I've done nothing
> but try to help people.  I'm trying to help the people at Ten Tec and I'm
> trying to help the people at Alpha.  I'm even helping all of you who own
> Alpha's and TEN TEC's because your products are not orphaned.  How can I
> possibly be a villain?
> every day at Alpha.  Why not forget the used market and come get a brand
> new unit?  Our craftsmanship is superb. It is all done in house now by
> master craftsman. No subcontracting as was done in the past. Not even the
> PCBs.  We make EVERYTHING ourselves and control the quality to PERFECTION.
> Our latest production has all the updates and incorporates all the fixes,
> improvements and lessons learned over the last ten years so that you really
> get a bulletproof quality product.  I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't
> true.  I have to say especially that the 8410 with the twin 4cx1500 in it
> is probably the best amplifiers ever built  by Alpha, comparing only to the
> legendary Alpha 77.  Those of you who do know me know that I strive to be
> the very best and have the very best amplifier in the world.  I wouldn't
> have gotten involved with Alpha if there wasn't something here of value.
> Trust my judgment, take my recommendation and buy one of the NEW ARFSL
> produced amplifiers.  I have 100% customer satisfaction on all the new amps
> I have produced at ARFSL.  Nobody EVER regrets buying one from my team
> because we are working very hard to be the best in the business.  That is
> what you expect when you buy an Alpha and that is what you get.  The very
> best. That includes the product, the build quality, the materials used in
> side, the attitude of the employees, management and investors, and above
> all else the customer service.
> I say this very clearly. We are here to stay.  If you support us with your
> dollar we can grow, thrive and bring you even better and more innovative
> products.  If you don't support us we can't do anything.  It is strictly up
> to YOU if YOU want us to stay in the amateur business.  Otherwise I will
> devote my energy to the commercial sector where we are usually appreciated.
> Remember good is not good enough if you intend to be great, and at Alpha
> we are making ham radio and America better one amplifier at a time.  If you
> don't have an Alpha, there has never been a better time to get one.
> 73-Mike N8WFF
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