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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Old Safety Belt
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 03:46:14 -0500
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Kenneth R. Goodwin, Jr. wrote:
> In the climbing game, any harness older than 5 years old is 
> automatically thrown away whether it has been used or not. This 
> specifically applies to webbing but should convey the thought that 
> there is a finite life to climbing belts especially those that use webbing.
Unfortunately when we get to the full body harness with fall arrest gear 
it's all webbing and find a ham who is willing to spend between $300 and 
$400 that he will pitch out in 5 years. We are after all, noted for 
being more than a bit frugal.
> The W2ONV belts break one of the cardinal rules of climbing towers 
> that one should ALWAYS be 'clipped in' (attached to the tower).  The 
> ONV belt can only be used as a positioning/fall restraint lanyard but 
> then only if it is attached to the tower at all times.  Being tied in 
It is possible to get tag lines similar to those used by Kline that "Y" 
off the belt to remain hooked up all the time, but it's still not a good 
way to go.
What's scary is finding them for sale as swaps as used very little and 
the ham owned it for "how long"?  (Looks like New!<g>)

> at all times with these 'safety belts' rarely happens except at the 
> final work location on the tower.  This 'safety belt' has no means to 
> be used as a fall arrest device and doesn't provide full time 
> protection.  With a 3 foot rope lanyard, you have to unclip sometime 
> to move up or down the tower.
> Go purchase a full body harness along with some gorilla hooks on a 
> shock absorbing lanyard and stay clipped in at all times.  I 
> personally feel that the advertising and selling of these 'safety 
> belts' should not be allowed since it conveys the thought to the 
> amateur radio operator that this is all one needs to climb a 
> tower.  I know that is what I believed when I purchased my ONV safety 
> belt.  After all it was advertised in all of the radio magazines and 
> they wouldn't lead me astray would they??
When I purchased my Kline they were pretty much all that was used but 
those were not inexpensive either.  Just my pole strap cost more back 
then than my current full body harness did last year.  I was surprised 
to see some of the line crew still wearing those Kline belts when they 
replaced a section of power line out front last summer,  although they 
were used in conjunction with modern fall arrest gear.


Roger (K8RI)

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