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This clearly shows the need for more self responsibility and the need for
far fewer lawyers.

If you are at all concerned about climbing a tower or doing the work
proposed DON'T!  Walk away.  

Tower work is difficult and very trying at times and at times down right

TT has been a great resource to me and so many of my projects.  Let us all
hope it continues.

To the guy who was talking about  issues with harnesses and passing out.  I
would rather be passed out in my harness then dead on the ground after
falling out of a belt.  I have used both a belt and harness and the harness
is far superior IMHO.  If you don't like a harness so be it.  You don't see
rock climbers in simple belts anymore.  There is a reason.

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>> "OTOH I wrote tower climbing  columns in both the NCJ and  the 
>> defunct
CQ Contest magazine for a total of over  10 years. I'm  hoping to reprint
all of them in an upcoming book."

>   Wow.  At a minimum, I would ensure that a disclaimer is 
> conspicuously
in each and every column highlighted in red, bolded, blocked, and

    Well, that's one way to look at it. Those columns  (and this very
reflector) have never had any sort of disclaimer so it  apparently wasn't
(Lawyers out there feel free to chime  in.)

>  The last thing you want is someone to use "how to"  information in
to their detriment.  While you may have an  adequate defense, being haled
into court is the last thing anyone needs,  even if you're certain you don't
owe a duty.
    What's "owe a duty"?
    What about any other advice column in newspapers,  on the web, on radio
and tv, etc.? They don't have disclaimers. I think  we're pretty much adults
here and can assume responsibility for our actions.  

OTOH where would we be without TowerTalk? Many of  us would still be doing
uninformed and potentially dangerous tower  work and installations and that
WOULD be to our detriment. The reason I  started TT years ago was to help
keep people out of trouble and I think it's  done a good job of that. 

>  Generally, instructional services  like ComTrain won't release
information without  enrollment.  
    That's because they have a financial interest in  their training,
curriculum and certification. You can go to the OSHA website  and get all
the rules and techniques you want for free as well as lots of  other places
on the internet. BTW ComTrain sells a bunch of  books relevant to tower
climbing that you CAN buy. 
>  Proper technique up on a tower needs more than just a review  in a
magazine column.

You mean someone shouldn't be writing  about it and then you shouldn't read
it? That makes no sense at all.  

I agree that we live in a litigious society and  also that we should all do 
our homework before embarking on any sort of  journey or project. Which
that basically we have to read about it. 
    BTW in my upcoming DIY tower book, per my  attorney's advice there is
sentence in the forward regarding the  disclaimer about tower climbing being

a dangerous activity. It doesn't have to  be in bold on every page. 
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