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Subject: Re: [Amps] The Carl and Jim Show + Rich and Tom
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Im afraid JI would use whatever new information surfaced as food for insults and then make commercial (for profit) use of it or it would soon pop up on his web site as a profound new discovery...with no credit of course.

Before doing that Don they first need to rope the inimitable savvy wise owl Rich Measures AG6K into the troop. That dynamic trio ham amps road show would play to packed houses! Perhaps have Tom W8JI as the moderator.

The shared collective ham amp wisdom is immense.



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These guys slay me !!!

They need to take it on the road and charge admission.

LOL !!!


Quoting Matthew McCloskey <>:

This is the most interesting Reflector I have read in awhile.
Jim-VE7RF, and Carl-KM1H, I hope you guys are friends-if not I would
like a second by second account of you two meeting face to face.
I look forward each day hoping you guys go at it, and put a needed
smile on my face.

No boring reflector this one, and I am learning a lot about amps and
PS, although I don't know who to believe. 😃

Thanks guys, please keep it going,
Matt  73

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