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[Amps] WTB: Small reliable amplifier wanted

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Subject: [Amps] WTB: Small reliable amplifier wanted
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Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2013 19:43:52 +0200
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Dear all,

I would like to find a small reliable allband linear, 
160m up to 10m including WARC bands. 

An output power of 50W would be sufficient.

I think to push up the power of my QRP-radio
for RTTY, so continous key down operation should 
be no problem.

Any offer welcome, tubes, bipolar semiconductors
or MOS FETs.

Anyway, it should be of good quality and design 
and built sturdy. Clean homebrew construction is 
welcome and can be much better than a flimsy 
industrial product. A robust industrial linear is 
interesting too of course.

Your offer does not need to be cheap but the price 
should be fair.

As I am relatively often on the road for my QRL 
these days, my answer normally comes during the 
weekends, just that you are not disappointed.

73 de Andy DH5AK
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