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Re: [CQ-Contest] Handicap For Dirty Rigs

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Handicap For Dirty Rigs
From: <w7dra@juno.com>
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 00:40:38 -0700
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you make me curious. what would i be listening for? i know if i mistune
my arc5 vfo, or some of my power amps, i can get birdies up and down  the
 band, but my stodgy amps (833, 810 tubes) i can't get them to do
anything other than to put more or less power output, no matter how i
tune them

i can never think of a time when i was contesting that someone had a wide
signal, or was least wide to my nc183 xtal filter and q5er.

I suggest that you look up "100 Watt Contest Final" November CQ 1956,
page 44 that references the proper way to neutralize your amplifier "in
such a manner that the signal doesn't become too narrow", so as to
achieve a "strong parasitic just outside the low end of the band" (both
page 45). The author does comment that he feels this "violates the rules
of gamesmanship, see W. Green, "Gamesmanship and the Contest" (page 45).
The additional reference is left to the reader to ferret out.

My 833's came out of the amplifiers of W7RM, so i would never think to
test them for signal purity.

mike w7dra, retired contester

On Sun, 12 Oct 2014 09:57:21 -0700 Jim Brown <k9yc@audiosystemsgroup.com>
> In my study of the TX Noise produced by current transceivers, I noted 
> the significant advantage enjoyed by users of dirty rigs by pushing 
> other stations away from their TX frequency, and making it difficult 
> (or 
> impossible) for stations to S&P near them. Consider the lineup of 
> hundreds of NA stations in the 15 kHz 160M JA window, and comparable 
> conditions from east coast to EU. One FTDX5000D burns five K3 
> channels; 
> one ICOM 7800,7700, 7600, burns three. I run a K3 and a Ten Tec 
> Titan, 
> which is quite clean. I've established a run frequency for JA only 
> to 
> run off by a guy with a dirty power amp 700 Hz away.
> Competitors using these dirty rigs should pay the price 
> competitively. I 
> propose a scoring penalty of 15% to the users of FTDX5000 and other 
> Yaesu rigs in that family (study ARRL data to understand why that's 
> valid), and 10% to users of IC7800, 7700, 7600. KE1B, who uses a 
> 7600 to 
> drive a solid state amp, wipes out 10 kHz of whatever band he is on 
> for 
> me on CW, more on SSB. I'm not a WRTC competitor, but K6XX is, and 
> his 
> dirty TX hurts Bob worse than me. By contrast, Bob and I, with K3s 
> and 
> tube amps, can work 500 Hz apart and barely know the other is there. 
> And 
> Bob is three miles closer than KE1B.
> Is this fair? I contend that with the right to run high power comes 
> the 
> responsibility to produce the CLEANEST signal consistent with the 
> state 
> of the art. K3 has established the state of the art, and preliminary 
> data from the mfr suggest  that Flex 6000-series may be as good. 
> Kenwood 
> TS590S is 10 dB worse, at a very modest price. I contend THAT is 
> state 
> of the art, and that ICOM and Yaesu fail to meet it.
> Yes, I'm saying that users of these dirty rigs need to replace them 
> with 
> cleaner ones. In 2008, I sold a pair of loaded FT1000MPs at 
> significant 
> loss to be replaced by K3s. I did this because I could see from 
> specs 
> that I needed to do that to coexist with my neighbors. Before that, 
> I 
> owned a pair of TS850s and K2s. All sold.
> And remember -- this is ARRL's data, not mine. :)
>  From my days in the civil rights movement of the '60s and '70s -- 
> "if 
> you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!" I've 
> dumped my dirty rigs -- how about YOU?
> 73, Jim K9YC
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